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Hello, I'm looking for some views from those on the inside about enlisting (no family members in the military). Haven't decided on what branch of the military, but prefer to join reserves probably. My desire is to do some service in Iraq, and also to make use of my computer skills in a military capacity (i have a bs in computer science). Any thoughts on the best course to take to do both of those? TIA. John
First you should get some idea of what offers you can get from the different branches by talking to the recruiters (you might be able to get a grade bump to E4 right out of basic with your degree).
There's a lot of information you can get from the guys here, but I believe it would help them advise you if they had some idea of what you were looking at.
the army offers many different jobs in your state now, especially in reserves, call your local army recruiter and ask. the onlyway get answers is by asking questions.
well..Id say Air Force....heres the link to the Air Force site.

www.af.mil just go to site for recruiting. No garrantee on getting to Iraq though. Maybee you will have to go army or marines.

Good luck