Does anybody have some advice on basic?


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I enlisted last june and my ship date is starting to come quickly. I was just wondering whether anyone had any advice or tips for basic.
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Any more specific questions? Just make sure you run a lot before you go and remember that you can take a lot more than your body thinks you can.
I was just wondering if you guys could tell me how your basic was or what I could be expecting. My friend went to basic last summer, but he hasn't been much help.
I didn't actually go to basic, I went to a bastardized four week version of it for ROTC, so I don't know how much help I'll be, but if you can think of any specific questions, I'll do my best to help you out.
look straight ahead..
yell as loud as you can...
and what ever they ask you to do ... just do it .. never question the orders... INSTANT OBIDIENCE TO ORDERS..

clean a toilet with your toothbrush..
roger that..
polish the floor with your underwear..
good to go ..

funny ... it could save your life one day
"the instan obidience to orders.. not the underwear thing"

o yeah break easy .. dont be a hard a^&% they minute you break the easier is to rebuild you. did i miss this?

To the young man needing some advice about basic..

the number 1 rule is control thyself. You have now obtained a military bearing with no idea how to rotate it: just watch what you say, when you say it, and how you say it.

the number 2 rule is..a drill or technical instructor is to be obeyed. right then. quickly and efficently, as fast or Faster than a command from your father or mother rates.

the number 3 rule...your group is only as good as the weakest link in that group. If you see the weak link, help it. if you are the weak link, ask for help.

no one ever died by drowning in sweat...dishwashing does build character and commaderie...and tuck this in a secret place of your heart and know...there is a world beyond basic. Good luck young man.

Just work out a bit. Do push ups and sit ups to help you get fit real qiuck. Don't think you can know you can.
MrmarineJ said:
Don't think you can, know you can.

I think this is actually one of the most important things, not only in basic training, but throughout your entire military career..

It's incredible what you can achieve if you really want to!
i have to agree with the working out.. go there with a metal image of a 24 hr gym.. because you will be working out 24 hrs a day .. well almost..

get with some of the army bubbas to let you know the stuff like weapons and classes you should prep for.

marine bootcamp is mostly PT..discipline..PT...weapons.. PT.. yelling ... and some more PT. and they throw some admin classes also..
but i remember the yelling and PT alot more.
Keep your head low. If they don't know your name, you will be much much better off. I went through basic at Ft. Benning from May to August 02. Work out before you go, and your life will be much easier.
Some good advice was given to me by a fellow shipmate...


Make sure everything they ask you to do is exactly how they want you to do it.

If someone in your company is messing up help them out...they may drop all of you for one persons screw up.

Have fun,
Uhmm.. Thank GOD that I live in a Sweden with a lazy swedish army system where you can't punish ALL for someones else wrong doing. :?
SilverPhoenix said:
Uhmm.. Thank GOD that I live in a Sweden with a lazy swedish army system where you can't punish ALL for someones else wrong doing. :?

They do that because we train as a unit...and a unit needs to be able to work together as one. That is one of the main purposes of marching.

Trust me though...if the whole unit gets droped because of one persons screw up hes gonna catch a lot of crap from his fellow shipmates.

Are you stationed in Sweden?
No, I ain't stationed in Sweden.. I lie in Sweden and haven't got the time to serve my duty yet..

And the swedish army is cutting so ard down on the army that almost none get into the army anymore..

I wan't to become a field medic.. Infantry medic I think..