Do you have enemies?

How many enemies do you have?

  • One deadly enemy

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  • Two deadly enemies

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  • More than three deadly enemies

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  • More than ten deadly enemies

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  • I have no enemy

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  • Only people take me as their enemy

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I'm sure everyone has his/her enemies..

Do you have enemies you really hate and who hate you too?

How do you deal with your enemies? or people who have offended you so much that you really hate..?

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I had one, but he appologised to me.... and for what he did it took a lot of courage to even look me in the eye. So now I have none.
I have a kid I dislike, and I'm sure he dislikes me since we got into a fight at school. It's alright though since I haven't had a class with him for about a year now and the fact that everyone else I know makes fun of him too.
I have one enemy, but I would rip him several new @$$holes if we ever got into a fight, so he's no threat. We dont even talk. :cowb:
I hate having enemies, if I know someone doesn't like me, I do what I can to win them over so that they're on my sense having enemies, the world has enough hate as it is....
every arrogant, whiny, bitchy person at my school is my enemy :evil:
the ones that i have to deal with everyday in my classes i usually tell em to shut the **** up, but this one kid, ill call him "bobby", hes the biggest ******* i know, and hed been being asses to all the kids in rotc, scuffing our boots and even our coraframs (SP)!!!
so about 5 of us kicked the shit out of him 1 day and he doesnt bother us anymore :twisted:
Well, Let's just say that I have had this person in my life before. I will call him X. This X did a really bad move back in the days when I didn't know better. Seriously, it wasn't a chance for me to defend myself. Now, I won't do him anything. And I have no more bones to pick with him as I felt before. But he know he broke the law. And he knows that I know all this and can easily make those facts to proof. So no, Can't say I have enemies, but he surely sees me as one.

Poor bastard. I wonder if he sleeps good at nights. ;)