Dining Etiquette of the world quiz


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This is such an international forum that I thought it would be very interesting to see how well we all do.
Can you pass the test on "Dining Etiquette of the World" go to this web site and take the test. Be honest and report your score. http://fekids.com/img/kln/flash/DontGrossOutTheWorld.swf
BTW if any of these are not true, don't blame me.
I got 9 of 11, not bad I guess.
that was a pretty fun test 7 out of 11. i think i could have done better though. the ones i got wrong were there spanish, english, canadian, and polish questions.

my dad brought back one of his golf students from korea once and it was really interesting when we went to a korean restaurant in hawaii. he started yelling at the waitresses, telling them to hurry up with the food, stuff like that. my dad told me they do that kind of stuff all the time in korea, so for him that was normal.
8. Not bad. But I am digressing everything since this is very important for cultural understanding. Lets hope all the correct answers are true.