Defenations of the United Nations

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Here are some defenations from the Urban Dictionary

(1) UN

An ever-increasingly irrelevant group of nations whose widespread corruption is coming to light.
The UN's time is passing. Can you say "Oil-For-Food"?

(2) UN

An organization based on the principles that:

1. Asking your laws to be followed in a polite manner will get you listned to.

2. The USA should have as much say in world matters as Suriname or the Neitherlands.

3. That China and Libya should lead a Human Rights Commitee.
The UN, you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

(3) UN

the United Nations is both a haven for despots and the world-wide headquarters of anti-Americanism, and for all of those foreign readers, they are also Anti-white, so if you are of dark skin living in America they hate you and if you are white living anywhere in the world the UN hates you
just read anything about the UN

(4) UN

The organization that will :cen: over the world when we have to fight a instellar war . Many people believe they are related to the black helicopter theory
UN :cen: ed over every nation in the anime Evangelion even.

(1) United Nations

See "Oxymoron"

(2) United Nations

A good idea, but somewhat naive and inefficient. Like marriage and Communism, it looks good on paper but often fails in practice.

Formed shortly after the second World War, the idea was to bring representatives of numerous nations together in hope of discussing and peacefully solving whatever conflicts or disputes arose. They have done good in areas of Africa for example, but on the large scale it just doesn't work. Each nation is far too preoccupied with self interest to prevent any large treaties or organizations from being set up or enforced. Perhaps the most visible example of failure would be the recent Iraqi crisis.
Some think that if they had stronger centralized authority then things could improve, but it's hard to know.

(3) United Nations

please see "retarded"
The United Nations wants to control the entire world.

(4) United Nations

An all-knowing, all-seeing organization which in allowed Iraq to ship all of their biological and chemical WMDs to Syria by having Charter members Russia and France drag their feet in refusing to ratify unilateral military action under the obvious guise of "diplomatic negotiations" AKA Food for Oil program
Then after the United States and ITS ALLIES proceeded to enforce 1441, they cried foul, blood for oil, etc. And for the icing on this cake, the UN secretary general now says that the U.S. engaged in a totally illegal military action.
United Nations? Not since WWII my friends!

(5) United Nations

A support group for people who are unusually obsessed with Israel for some reason.
Contains both raging leftists and crazy Islamists who just sit around and talk about Israel all day long in Manhattan with American money paying to clean up all the filth that spills out when you open the door.
Why don't they all just move it to Palestine?
The feckless condor circled the U.N. building, looking for the dead Jew.

(6) United Nations

A group of nations whose purpose is increasingly irrelevant; whose widespread corruption is now coming to light.
The corruption of the United Nations is growing unchecked. Can't wait 'till Annan tries to explain the "Oil-for-Food" program.

(7) United Nations

A tool of the devil if ever their was one.
The biography of the united nations is avaliable in the Biblical book of Revelations.

(8) United Nations

Terrorist supporting :cen: ers!

A Racist organization that is vile and corrupt.A CLOWN-puppet of America's mortal enemies that supports terrorists and brutal dictatorial regimes and condemns benign states for minor :cen: .
AN outright enemy of the U.S. and Israel.

The UN should be evicted from the U.S. and their building demolished.
Evict the racist,evil UN and demolish the UN building at once!

It should be noted that the incompetent douchebag John Kerry states eerily similar phrasing to Kofi Annan,Jane Fonda and Saddam Hussein.

The UN is a racist cabal of America's enemies whom we rent a building to.

(9) United Nations

a good dream, pity about the fact that the amount of vetoes that have been passed by the USA to any resolutions they dont like/criticizing israel has rendered it useless
the un: great ambition, cruelly betrayed.

(10) United Nations

A place where dialog can be used to prevent bloodshed.

Relevant only to those preferring dialog.
Why waste time talking in the UN - let's kick ass!
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