Conventional Forces

Should superpowers reduce their conventional forces?


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  • NO. Keep both equally as much

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  • YES and develop more unconventional weapons

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Are conventional forces and their armies anymore useful if there's a conflict between superpowers?

And a large conventional force is expensive to maintain.

Since most likely if there's a conflict between superpowers, unconventional weapons will eventually be used.

should superpowers reduce their conventional force to the minimum?

What's your opinion? :rambo:
Sir, lets be civil here. Convetional Armies is possibily the only so-called "humane" way to fight wars. In supporting this assertion, uncoventional weapons cannot be used in areas that have an existant civilian population.

But if you're mentioning about unconventional tactics, that's a totally seperate issue.
since cold war, the possibilty of having a WORLD war is smaller and smaller everyday (looks at)
but more and more regional small wars are likely to be fought,
i dont think any country are "nuts" enough to use nukes or chemcials in a regional war., so we have to keep developing convential weapons,
we cant just use nukes whenver there is a small military confrontation

using unconvential weapons (like nukes) are all becoming the last resorts for many countires,
we all know that once someone use nukes, others probably will use back, the result will be the total destruction for both country, maybe the whole world if super powers like U.S russia and china began to use unconvential weapons at each other
Conventional forces are definitely required. Quality can improve so that the quantity can be reduced, but nonetheless they should be the cornerstones of military forces.
Conventional forces are still the way the world fights wars. If anyone used a nuclear weapon they would most likely be fighting most the world. No one wants to be nuclear attacked in return either.Besides, no one wants a Nuclear Winter to occur. :rambo:
Future major regional wars will be fought with Conventional forces enhanced by small tactic "nukes" (if you wanna to call them nukes).

Hot nukes like A-Bomb or H-bomb will of course not be used, but Tactic Nukes are well very possible. I think you have all heard the USA is "ready" to re-start "real testing" (not computer simulation) of new kind of small nukes? (Sorry I don't have source to back up this, but I did read a couple of times in the past 1 year about this).
small is still nuke,

i thinnk most of nations with nukes have siad directly or indirectly that once they got hit with nukes, they will hit back with nuclear weapons for sure...

the result will still be a nuke war..that is very dangerous..

i think now there are some convential weapons' power close to small nukes, right?

we can use that one instead