Conley household leg wetting news

dispatcher:"doggy mom to all units we have jimmy the 'sharp eye' in action......suspect is armed and dangerous,aproach with caution....." dispatcher:"Doggy mom to Sgt.Pitbull,send two units of SWAT guys,'sharp eye' is on killing spree,i repeat 'sharp eye' is on killing spree!" :lol: ;)Sorry Mark couldnt help my self
I want that cat dead, for shooting Mr Wuggles, and that Hippity Hop. Wanted Dead or Alive. Common nulli, would you calm down?
final post guys..last news up date

Faith Hope and charity are now eating solid food, drinking water and generally finding all sorts of areas to lay their little sticky cat feces all over. the first one that caps one off in my boots...and they will meet their maker. the cats have all been taken and will be gone to their new owners in two weeks. Ill think of them terribly and miss them often. :D