Comedians wich one is the best?

Comidians good or bad?

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I personally don't have a favorite stand up comedian i just wanted to know wether any of you liked comedians and if so please answer in this poll really this was out of boredom and was intended for some feedback on your opinions. Thanks for all that participate in this poll.

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I don't really understand the poll question, but I'd have to say most of my favorite comedians are Dutch, so the're not really interesting to most of the members of this board.
But for the ones that do (did) speak Engish, I like Tom Lerher, Victor Borge, Eddie Murphy and more recently and absolutely different, Pablo Francisco.
1217 has a point i dont understand the poll question either. I dont have a favorite comedian either but does Chris Rock count?
I'm going to lock this to give you a chance to rework your original post, Trigun. Try to make it a bit more understandable and create a definite question that people can answer, I am also moving it to the correct ("Polls") forum. Send me a PM when you're ready for it to be reopened.
I still wonder what you mean by the poll question. :shock: Do you mean to ask if all comedians are good or bad? :? That's such a strange question that I can't imagine that's what you mean.
I dont know that many if you count actors,though....
I can go on fer hours, I love Chris Rock though and Johnny Depp. Gott o give them props
Errr, Does this include stand up comedians?

Ordinary Comedians?( :? ): Rob Schneider, Jim Carrey.. err.. Robert Gustavsson (Swedish).. Err, That's about it I guess..
STAN LAUREL & OLIVER HARDEY! Absolutely my favourite, I always find time for those two..... :D
And... from new ones.... Leslie Nielsen, Steve Martin, ........