Coke or Pepsi

Coke or Pepsi?

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Well i dont have much choice, dont like either. I guess i drank to much coke when i was a kid so that i now hate it. I hate pepsi more though so i will vote for coke.

The german version of coke is the best though! Fanta all the way! ;)
I know what you mean about drinking too much coke you hate it man. I had a job one football season working in a concession stand (at the world famous Rose Bowl). Free coke, all you can drink. After that, I never can touch another coke, I swear we all had enough to fill a small lake.

Pepsi gets my vote.
!!what!?! Pwpsi rules and its way better than coke,and it haves a new flavour....thw one with esenxe od lemon
It's simple: open the bottle, put the opening between my lips and turn the bottle upside down, allowing gravity to pull the liquid into my stomach.