Code Pinker who attempted to interrupt Palin speech is a top Obama Financier


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Thursday, September 4, 2008 | Kristinn (Free Republic)

One of Barack Obama's elite fundraisers from the anti-American group Code Pink attempted to storm the stage last night during Republican vice presidential nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the GOP convention in St. Paul.

Jodie Evans, one of a group of about 500 top financiers who have bundled tens of thousands of dollars for the Obama campaign was seized by the Secret Service after she had made her way to side of the stage and and started to yell at Palin.

The Washington Post reported on the incident:


10:45 p.m. A pair of Code Pink activists just got to the very edge of the stage and were a moment away from apparently running on stage, right by the Kentucky slot on the floor next to a host of McCain's most senior staffers.

Secret Service men grabbed them at last minute and literally dragged them out.
--Paul Kane
Evans has bundled between $50,000 and $100,000 for Obama as well as contributing the maximum $2300 to Obama's presidential primary campaign. She co-hosted Obama's breakout Hollywood fundraiser at the start of his campaign in February 2007.

As a bundler, Evans has been given perks that include regular briefings by top campaign staffers on policy and private meetings with Obama and his vice presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Evans is infamous in conservative and military family circles for publicly endorsing the terrorists in Iraq against the American soldiers who toppled Saddam Hussein and have fought to keep free Iraq from falling to the hands of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and nations.

Evans has worked with state sponsors of terrorism including the governments of Castro's Cuba and the the late Saddam Hussein. She has also met with Venezualan dictator Hugo Chavez and has professed her "love" for him.

Evans has led Code Pink's campaign against the Marines in Berkeley where the group has called the Marines "assassins" and Evans herself has compared the Marine recruiting center in Berkeley to a porn shop.

Code Pink issued a press release a short while ago bragging about their attempt to disrupt Palin's speech:


Co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, who were given their tickets to the speech by a Republican delegate who was frustrated with the Republican party and Sarah Palin, caught the attention of Palin with their banners and shouting about 15 minutes into her speech. Palin stopped talking for a moment to turn to look at them.

After another moment, security then grabbed Benjamin and Evans and escorted them one at a time out of the St. Paul Xcel Center, where they were held until the end of the Palin’s speech and told they would be arrested if they tried to reenter. They were told they’d committed an arrestable offense but they were not charged.

“Sarah Palin is not a woman’s choice,” said Jodie Evans, co-founder, moments after being released. “That’s it.”

CODEPINK is a nonpartisan women’s peace group. They vehemently oppose Palin’s pro-war, anti-environment, anti-choice positions. More details to come. For questions, please call Jodie Evans at 310-913-4821.
Obama has rejected several requests from troop support groups that he renounce Evans for her support of the terrorists in Iraq.


Look at that America. This is a diehard Obama supporter. Look at who she is. Look at what she stands for. Then realize, much of Obama's supporters share her viewpoints.

Now America, do we need Obama in office? If this is the kind of people who are backing him, what does that say about Obama?


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Like I said... it's going to be very interesting.
We had two pinko commies, the 2nd worse than the first in office and in terms of security and military those were some pretty dark days. By the way, the 2nd guy was a Human Rights Lawyer. By the way, his name was Noh Moo-hyun. By the way, he really sucked.