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Good stuff, thank you.

Don't the Coasties have a special rescue unit? I doubt if they would fall under SOCOM, but I seem to remember hearing about it somewhere, sort of on the same line as the Parajumpers.
The Coast Guard falls under the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) now, they transfered over from Transportation about a year ago.

The ASTs "Aviation Survival Technicians" are the Coast Guards rescue swimmers. I've had a chance to paddle around with some, and the lads are very good, but they aren't SOF. They more comparable to a Law Enforcement/Fire Department rescue unit, but with bigger budgets and cooler toys.
Sounds fun, thank you for the information Sir. I was unaware that the Coasties weren't under the DoD, how did that Department of Transportation designation work with their being sent to the Mekong Delta in the Vietnam War? Sorry for hi-jacking your topic, I'm going to split it off.

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The Coast Guard can fall under the DoD (if the DoD wants) during time of war, but I don't see that happening again since the shift to DHS.
I do know that USCG still works closely with the DoD. The USCG has a permanent detachment in the US Transportation Comm. They provide all of the Harbor Security both home and abroad for US Forces. The CG just formed their own QRF-type unit. for Harbor Security. They have a Det. in NYC Harbor.
Does the Coast Guard do combat operations? I know they do a lot of stuff with drug runners and stuff.

Naval combat, yes .. but you won't see any line dogs in the CG. They are considered a Law Enforcement agency and armed force, so they are responsible for homeland security and homeland defence. You're looking more towards raids and interdictions as well as providing security and rescue resources. VBSS, maybe GOPLAT in conjunction with the Navy, NEO if necessary .. they have very capable lads, and their LE Dets are some of the best around for VBSS. Good, professional people.

As it stands, the last members of the CG to recieve a CAR (Combat Action Ribbon) were from Vietnam.

And Jaeger is right about them performing harbor and waterway security OCONUS in support of US Forces, I can't remember how many they sent to OEF - close to 700, IIRC. But I don't think you'll see the CG being pulled completely under control of the DoD again, for the simple fact that they now fall under DHS, so they will work more in conjunction with, instead of under.

They also sent some of their Strike Teams (HAZMAT) out for OEF.
Thank you for the information, I appreciate it.
Always thought being a Coastie would be a kick in the pants.
Merchant Marines

Do Merchant Marines ever see combat?

Well during WW II quite a few saw it. As far as shooting back, they had detachments of gun crews from the navy or other specialized group doing the shooting to defend the ship, but quite a few actually wound up in the water after being torpedoed.

As far as now a days...well, i think that the possibility of subs, and planes, and everything else could make their life a living hell on the seas...I really wouldnt want to be in the Merchant Marine during wartime

Redneck said:
Good stuff, thank you.

Don't the Coasties have a special rescue unit? I doubt if they would fall under SOCOM, but I seem to remember hearing about it somewhere, sort of on the same line as the Parajumpers.

THe USCG used to have a unit based in Portsmouth,VA called the Drug Interdiction Assistance Team (DIAT). It was commanded by a former Navy SEAL, and the units members attended a modified version of Ranger School at Ft. Benning (nosleep or food deprevation). The unit worked with the USBP's BORTAC unit, and the DEA's "Snow Cap" teams in Bolivia. Unfortunately, it was disbanded and reduced in size. it's now called the International Training Team.

The various Port Security Units (PSU) are all assigned to the USCG Reserve. When they are deployed (which happens a lot) they operate under the direct control of the US Navy (normal a Coastal Warfare Command) and work in conjuction with US Navy Inshore Boat Units (IBU), EOD, USMC Security Forces and whatever other naval asssests they deem necessary.

The PSUs receive their traing from the US Navy, USCG, and USMC at Camp Lejune, the US Army at various bases, and the USAF Air Mobility Warfare Center at Ft. Dix New Jersey.

The active duty CG has similar units called Maritime Security and Safety Teams (MSST) that performs a similar function within the US.

They also have a number of Maritime Tactical Law Enforcement Team (TACLET) around the country. THey deploy on US Navy and CG ships nad cutters and perform ship boardings and drug/contraband siezures at sea.

The is also a High Speed Persuit Boat unit in Yorktown, VA.