Civil Air Patrol

I see...

so if I understand what you are saying, you are going to make a private organization, seperate from CAP, under your control, but going along with CAP's basic mission.

Or have I misunderstood what you are saying, and that you are going to propose to the CAP leadership that the formation of a special corp is needed.

Either way, it might be interesting to see a young person setting something like this up. good luck.

BTW, This organization you want to start: It will have a charter, by-laws, rules and standards that are compatible with, but does not overstep the basic CAP mission, correct?

well its a matter of the language used sherman:

nulli secundus is on a Civil Air Patrol Ground Team, as a Ground Team Member. As part of a CAP search and rescue Triad, the Air Search section (with the aircraft) searches from the air: the ground team searches and performs rescue from the ground, and the support section takes care of both groups.

when I asked a local CAP group about wether they used the term ground pounder to describe the Ground Team Members, well, some actually do, along with a few other names. But they stated the correct term is a Ground Team Member, or GTM.

He is not a ground pounder (Combat Infantry) in the sense that we use it. But he is on the ground and in the sticks for search and rescue operations.

Just dont call him a zoomie. :D
nulli secundus said:
Sure no problem, The Corps imhoping to create goes ALONG with the CAP mission, and curriculum. Im calling it a Corps because their are only to be a small amount of cadets in it. They are going to be the greatest in everything or theirtitle is going to be stricken from them.

So what exactly do you plan to do about disciplinary problems, like say some kid claiming he does not have to follow your rules because you have no real authority?
Im going to present my idea once my squardon has gotten to be military. If my plan passes then he/she would be dropped and not allowed to continue to train.
nulli secundus said:
Im going to present my idea once my squardon has gotten to be military. If my plan passes then he/she would be dropped and not allowed to continue to train.

You don't have an eye for the sarcastic, do you, nulli? :lol:

nulli secundus said:
i hate having to salute officers in the CAP, i really hate butter bars once they get those shoulder boards their ego swells to three times its normal size. Also when ever i get into trouble because i didnt do what i was told to do (happens alot) :twisted: i say "they have no authority over me its a volunteer organization centered around the air force copmosed mainly of civilians who have nothing better to do then boss around other civilians only because they have more "rank" or a high posistion then myself, better yet if you are able to put atleast some degree of the militart into this squadron i might actually do my duty." (most of worked, its a bit more military then before, and im a flght sgt now) If that doesnt shut them up i say "they salute the rank, but follow the man". That always shuts them up.
shoot post it in a new topic area, and at least get some better milbucks for it. It really shouldnt be posted in th CAP topic, it might not get noticed and read. :D