lol I refuse to wear those paper party hats.

This was my last night in the Far East at my going home boat party 6th May 1970.


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i heard christmas is a catholic not a christian holiday anyway...but it shouldn't be. it's a traditional american holiday and it's very festive. id be sad without...the malls just wouldn't look the same.

Christmas is a mixture of pagan, pre-Christian, Christian and secular themes and origins.
Catholic is the Latin word for Universal , Christian is the Latin word for the followers / believers of Christ , Christ is from the Greek words the anointed one .
So yourse catholic from Los Angeles or is wrong?

I am christian from Finland and Sweden.

In scandinavia it live many christian's.
My mothers older family was one how was Santa Clase for 20 years ago in hers older sisters house in my town. Jorma was funny. Now he are over 60 olders of six children in my grand mother and father family. The old family goes to Sweden in 70's. My mother was only 6 year. And my father are 61 year now and my mother 49 this month all ready. And I am 28 year. 1986 was a great year. Old friends from out land were born in 1986. One from Hungary is great before but him will to fight against me before even if we were friends. He belief I am against out lands only if a was nazi but I am no nazi.