Chicks Dig Whom? (only GIRLS answer!)

Chicks Dig-

  • Tankers

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  • Commandos

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  • Intelligence and Desk Jobs

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  • Pilots (Fighter, Helicopter ect.)

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  • Sailors

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  • Submariners

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Jtf2 wrote: yes a huge connon that doesnt move and a big connon that moves arounds lol

im confused as always. i dont get it, could u explain?[/b]
RnderSafe said:
I know they are, but the issue here is girls. If a girl likes a tanker, will she also like an artilleryman? And vice versa?

It's a moot point, girls like neither. They like Irishmen out of any uniform, however. 8)

Well, Yes.. There is some kind of attraction of irish men in uniforms.

Though, You guys wanna know this of who likes whom? Well..

Personally I like Pilots.. Why?

cus they are REALLY hot.. And though, who doesn't want to have a guy who flies a fighter?

BUT, this doesn't mean that would be a guy I would choose, often they are too cocky.
A guy with a small cannon can do the same as a guy with a big cannon if he knows what he's doing. The cannon isn't everything. If you're naked, it doesn't matter what the uniform is. A man who acts like a man is sexy.

If you pay attention to what's inside, any look can attract women. And even the prettiest boy can turn ugly fast if he's only concerned with his plumage, his conquests, or only focusing on what will attract other men. Like this question.

Janie, you do know we are acctually refering to REAL cannons(as in the Artillery 155mm Vs. the Armours 120mm) right....? ;) We dident mean any thing naughty.... :lol:
Is the vote over?

I know exactly what you mean by cannons, and my answer stands for the "pole" question too.

Besides, men are the best map readers because they are the only ones who can conceive of an inch equalling a mile!
What all you Combat Arms guys are forgetting is more field time equals more "Jody" time. Us REMF's keep our wimmin in sight!
I just went ahead and voted Tankers by proxie for all those ladies out there who haven't found this forum yet :lol: . And since "cadet" didn't make the list in the first place (probably so it wouldn't shame all the rest of you all by getting 100% of the votes ;) ). :lol:
Battleaxe said:
Well, now. My boyfriend is actually a Ranger.. so there you go.
Wow.. what stamina. lol :lol:

What batt did your boyfriend serve in and when? Depending on the time frame and batt, we may know each other.
As a chick here is MY opinion. **This is mostly joking for the real opinion see below.

Sailor/Sumariner: ex-boyfriend is one of those. -- I was attracted; I will not be again.

Commando/Marine/Etc: attractive yes. however higher brain functions are required...

Intel/Desk Jockeys: too much higher brain power. (I'm a picky b**** what can I say?)

Infantry: same problem as the Marines

Pilots: smart, fit, and they fly. now if only the ego was a little smaller...

**Honestly speaking it really doesn't matter what your AFSC/MOS/Rating is. The uniform itself gets lots of bonus points! ;) What I'm looking for in a guy is one who is mature, smart, and in shape but not crazy about it. Not to mention the obvious chemistry factor.