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Have you gotton your kid a cell phone or do you own one?

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nulli secundus said:
The first one I used as a baseball. :D I was shocked when they wouldn't take it back. :lol:

Hehe most of mine end up at the bottom of silo's, thats the problem with keeping them in your top pocket and leaning over railings.
both of my parents and older brothers have cell phones, but i dont. i'm hoping that when i turn 16 and get my license then i will get a cell phone too. (1 more month.......)
Nokia something.
Everybody in Italy has cellphone. There's an average of more than one per capita. My family we're three people we got 4 cellphones go figure.
Since I can't have one that has a camera or other recording ability at work, I have kept my old Panasonic for about five years. I'm okay as long as I can get parts on the web.
I have one that lives in the car, just in case it breaks down I can't fix it. It is a pay as you go phone and I think I have used it twice just to see if it still works. When I am out I often wonder just what is so important that so many people seem to have them attached to their head.
I have three children and although they are still under 7 I dont think I would be running out there anytime soon to buy them one.When they are old enough to go out get a job and earn enough money to pay the bill they can have one.
mmm ya i have 2 mobiles paid for both myself no way my 'rents paying for a mobile for me lol, one for southern ireland and one for northern ireland. They're a big thing here you have kids the ages of 8 and 9 getting them for there communion and all. My wee sis is 12 and she has one for the last year or so, its good for parents to be able to check up on the kids. All though saying that there have been cases of, 'misuse'. Most kids here would have a pay as you go mobile as well.
i have a nokia 7200:

and a nokia 5210e: this things indestructible, i threw it out of a 2 storey window down onto a concrete floor to try and break it, to no avail. this is the one i take into the feild with me lol.
oh ya those bad boys are class. They just dont break!
My flatmate has one cos she's always breaking them, and we counted one night she let it fall 34 times out of her purse. Never even had a dent.
I have just some old nokia phone as long as it can call and text im happy who needs all these new swanky ones.
I have one in case of emergency, but hardly ever use it. Personally I can't see the need to have the dam thing stuck permatley in one ear. Also have you ever sat some where and listen to drivel that is spoken on these phones.
I have a motorola v600 here. it's really little and really cute and i take tons of pictures with it. lol
I'm one of those who like to live in the past. If I am driving or away I don't want to be bothered with calls that's why I have a regular phone with voice mail and call forwarding. My wife got a cell phone about 4 years ago for "emergencies". Yeah, the "emergencies" have been running up to $50 per month. :cry: And half the time she doesn't even keep the thing on. :roll:
we were doing an interesting study the other day on the effect of mobile technology on what happens when you are in a car crash.
its sort of hard to imagine not being able to call the necessary people and get things sorted at the site of the accident rather than waiting for a tow truck to show up

many thing else mobiles have dramatically effected?
I have always had NOKIA

I had a Nokia 3310 in Iran and it also worked when I was in Europe

Now here in Canada I have another Nokia 6600

Cell phone are a plague among this Earth! Okay, a bit over dramatic, I know. But we were perfectly fine without cell phones until.. those honking 9" blocks with a 12" receptor were put on the market, it all went downhill from there. We used to have pay phones, now we see one every other 600 miles, we used to be able to walk our bums into a convenience store and ask to use the phone >.< But nnoooooo.. Gotta have a handy little gadget of death.. Sorry.. >.> Don't have one, don't want one, don't need one. ^^ No offense to any of you who have one o'course... :o
I have a shitty cell phone....it's tiny, and has zero features...I can text all I want though,...which is very important to me...it's a must actually...anyway I want a new cell phone, but havent decided what kind yet....still thinking...:)