Canadiens' Fans Boo U.S. Anthem - Again

No surprise, Montreal is one of the RUDEST cities I have ever been in, and if life is fair I will never be there again!
LOL dude it's because when the habs went to boston they recieved the same treatment and well montreal is the original hockey town...where the press will eat you up if you dont skate and the fans will jump you if you don't score...

And btw janie i rather live in montreal then any other north american city.
Ok, this is going to be one of those just naturally touchy subjects, so everyone please try to keep civil and respectful.

Personally, I think that this about sums it up:

The reaction of the crowd to the U.S. anthem may have had more to do with simple bad taste than political activism. Later, during the second period, fans cheered wildly as play was stopped when Boston's P.J. Axelsson briefly lay motionless on the ice after a hit.

And we whooped their butts anyway ;) . :lol:
Lol btw that year the habs eleminated the bruins in 6 games...and they will do the same this year! :biggun:
jtf, the question was about how people felt about the booing of another country's anthem not about where you want to live or some wild prediction about the hockey series.
If you're referring to last March's booing of the Canadian anthem, it was done in Altanta and as a reaction to the same nonsense that went on yesterday in, guess where? Yeah Montreal again. I refer you to where just 20 or so people booed Canada's anthem at the start and it ended with applause from the rest of the fans.
I don't think it's about Canada vs. the U.S. or Montreal vs. the rest of the continent. Believe whatever you want but I think most fans are disgusted at such rude behavior no matter who it comes from. At least I'd like to think that's the case.
Oh well, people in other countries do not have to love us or our national anthem. I does not bother me that a bunch of people at a GAME booed the US anthem the world will continue and US and Canadian people will still be buddies IMO. :D
Dtop no in boston they did boo the canadian anthem i heard it lol
2nd last time they booed the bruins was when a thug of the bruins elbowed a cross the face the canadians star player zednik...


Its more well it is because people here love hockey and they don't like cheap hits or bad hockey.
Not really on topic but, I think I understand what you're saying. Around Boston "les habs" are known as "The Most hated Team in Hockey". Habs fans are known to to rabid but still, booing anyone's national anthem because of what happened on the ice is really not called for and is just plain rude. Especially now that McLaren plays for San Jose!
As I remember it, McLaren clocked Zednik because he was taunting the Bruins' goalie after scoring a goal - bad sportsmanship, a bad hit but that's hockey. That was the second straight game where there was booing of a national anthem that I remember, both times in Montreal. The booing in Boston happend in the following game, that was equally rude.
Oh BTW, that Zednik thing was in 2002. I wasn't there but here's the article.
Well...i guess the systems working because they have the right and the ability to boo as they please...of course if my slightly warm beer should accidently spill on a boo-er...oh well its only 4 bucks well spent... :D
Its more well it is because people here love hockey and they don't like cheap hits or bad hockey.

So why do they play so terribly?


As to the booing of the Anthem, it has been my experience in Canada, that while many are patriotic, they don't typically have the same reaction to their Anthem as Americans. I've seen people stand and offer respect, but for the most part I see talking and laughing. A bit like kids today in the US with her Anthem. Canada knows how touchy the US is about her Anthem and Flag, and in hockey, all is fair in love and ice.
Sadly, however, it seems to be the Canadians that are taking hockey down to a whole new level and getting the police involved in game hits.
It took double overtime but the Bruins take another game. The clock is ticking for the hapless habs. :lol:

First off i dont know where you heard that most hated team...first off its known as "the team" they have the best reccord in the NHL and in the last 8 years they havint been that hot but they will get back up there it is the oldest team and probably the best team to ever skate the ice...

Btw joke:

Why do peopel in boston drink coffee in bowls?
Because all the cups are in montreal!
OK jtf2, I'll be on the lookout for the rise of the oldest team to rise from the ashes. BTW unless they were playing with themselves, the other original 5 NHL teams were the Bruins, Black hawks, Maple Leafs, Rangers, and Red Wings. Besides whatever the habs did before this season is ancient history and has absolutely no bearing on this year, too bad eh?
Believe me I didn't invent the reference to the habs as "The Most Hated Team In Hockey".

BTW, bad attempt at humor. We'll see who wins this year's match up!
Bruins, Black hawks, Maple Leafs, Rangers, and Red Wings

Maple Laffs.

Rangers will they EVER win another Cup with that HUGE budget and glory boy players?

The Blackhawks make me giggle every time they come out on the ice now .. poor things.

Wow you really looked that up EH?
The NHL commenced in 1917, replacing the National Hockey Association (formed in 1910). The first five franchises were Ottawa, Toronto Arenas, Montreal Wanderers, Quebec, and Montreal Canadiens. Quebec did not enter a team in the first competition. After seeing many teams come and go the NHL had settled by 1942 with 6 franchises: the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks. These 6 teams remained until the 1967 expansion (when 6 teams were added), and have become known as 'The Original Six'.

Montreal being there wayyy before boston and owning all 6 teams almost every year.

The day ANY team gets more then 24 cups is the Day palestine and israel will be at peace.
Re: moron

Jtf2 said:
Wow you really suck at lookign up stuff EH?

Alright, this is starting to get a little dodgy, I don't mind the sports banter/rivalry, but personal insults will not be tolerated.
My bad im sorry

No answer...EH?

will you look at that 3rd period 5-1 for montreal...the habs demolished the bruins :mrgreen:
OK now I'll answer you as long as you keep it nice enough for the moderators.
As to where I got my info, it's common knowledge for hockey fans. Also this is from (of all places)
"Original Six"
The survivors of a league that had grown at times to as many as 10 franchises, and had seen teams change names and cities with regularity in the 1920's and 30's, would settle in an era of stability, known as the age of the "Original Six." The Red Wings, the Blackhawks, the Rangers, the Canadiens, the Bruins, and the Leafs; these few teams would symbolize hockey for fans across North America.
If you insist on talking about ancient pre-NHL times, I heard that there was one game in 1636 where the Wampanoag Whalers played the Pequot Puckheads. It ended in a 26 to 26 tie. The game lasted for 3 months and ended only because springtime caused the ice to melt and they lost the puck at the bottom of the lake. In fact the Puckheads won 28 championships all together. Their cup was made from a gourd though. They may still have one in their casino museum, not sure. :roll:
Yes the Canadiens did win last night but the Briuns still lead the series, of course. Did you watch the game? Did you notice how the Bruins' fans cheered the Canadian anthem? What more is there to say?