Can anyone say, HOORAH!!!

welcome to the forums :m1: have fun. oh and keep treating ladies like a gentlemen if u really ment that! haha. 8) hoo-rah and semper fi!

Xo Megan <3

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Lets not talk about army

Alright, little bout myself. I'm sixteen and just joined Navy JROTC. The school I am attending is a military academy first school its kind in the nation. Its a full-time NJROTC charter school. We wears uniforms everyday. Have usual highschool classes with the additional NJROTC class as well. I was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. My title is Fourth Company Chief. I have a respectable amount of cadets under my control (approx. 70-90). I plan on attending the United States Naval Academy, becoming a Navy officer, and piloting off of aircraft carriers.

I drill like a Marine, am as tough as a Navy SEAL, and treat others (especially women) like a gentlemen. Thats a bit about me.

I hope to later find more Navy here soon. HOORAH

GO NAVY BEAT ARMY!!! (again)


hey little fishy (navy boi) not to insult you..however i do hope that u know one day u WILL have to get out of the water...and whos going to protect ur @$$ on land??? hmm sounds like an army job.... army soilders know that god made u to STAY on land...not to think u were a fish or a bird...just a thought.. ;) no insult