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Okay maybe this is a bit of a gripe or a simple complaint..
We have Marines in country and the Army established there initially so they basically run the show ...

but I have a personal gripe on the situation. There seems to be a inter-service rivalry over there and I am trying to understand it. There is tons of comforts and as if there wasnt enough there are making more, they being the ARMY... well the Marines have landed and are going to be taking over and they cant seem to get any support with the army because they are spending money on comfort vice logistical support such as POWER to the Marine side of the camp.
They paid money to Power the food court rather than Power the Marine Tents .. ..

at first i was "food court"? are you serious?

The Marines, hard as they are still rate a bit of power to run their side of the camp.

Does anyone else see a problem with this or did i miss something?

i know no one hear can do a thing about it .. i just needed someone to gripe about and see the opinions of others.. i must be missing something somewhere.