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Um... aren't Cammies the awards given to webcam people? Or do you mean BDUs? I'm confused... :?
They are still called Cammies in the Marine Corps. BDUs in the Army.

So his usage of Cammies is correct.
How about this, the uniforms that you wear to go out in the field for training. That should work for most of them shouldnt it? The ones that look like camoflague.
I don't know about the US, but our CADPATs are worn off base a lot. Mind you, most of the bases around here are in the middle of a city so, I dunno.
They are worn outside off base here too. I don't see a problem with that. What would be a reason to vote no?
Sooners1 said:
Sorry, forget that all you are to young to realize that they were called cammies at one point.

Or not born in that country where that word is used to describe those ;)

I put no, but then i came to think that they might still be "working" and i would say it should be.
The way I see it, our cammies are for battle and war they are not to be worn in the public. If there is some reason for you to go out where civi's or your good uniforms. That is the way it was when I was in. If we were caught out in the town, even to stop for gas, we were busted. They would put you on a Company type punishment.
I voted yes.

I've seen my father in his Navy dungarees and white sailor uniform and my oldest brother in his Army dressed greens and camouflage (BDUs) - both retired now from 20+ years of service; and now I see my son in his desert uniform - and to me, there is nothing like a man in a military uniform (extremely sexy and majestic). This applies to the women in military uniform too.
Hmm, if you are currently serving in the US forces, would it be against the rules to purchase an ACU from a civilian retailer and wear that instead of your issued clothing outside of your base?
We call them DPCU's.

It is OK to wear them off-base during normal working hours if on a break to do banking for example or to collect supplies for example. But after normal work hours (4.30pm), no you can't wear them off base to shopping centres, malls, movies, etc.
I think that off base and in public the military needs to be dressed well. The new digi's that the Army wears look pretty sloppy. The ones the Marine Corps wears look better, but should still not be worn normally in public. I think that a basic dress uniform, like the Marine Corps kakhi shirt and green pants with white round cap, should be worn normally.