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NOw they have started to act like KinderGARDEN Kids :eek: .... One calls other " You are a Tyrant" the other Guy responds " You are a Hooligan " ......... what next " MY Daddy can beat your Daddy " :lol:

Source:CP Online

North Korea on Saturday called U.S.
President George W. Bush a "hooligan" and said it expected no solution of the international standoff over its nuclear program during the Bush administration.

The comments by North Korea's Foreign Ministry spokesman followed a White House news conference on Thursday at which Bush described North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as a "tyrant" and a "dangerous person."

"Bush is a hooligan bereft of any personality as a human being ... and a philistine whom we can never deal with," the ministry spokesman said Saturday, according to North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency.

North Korea "does not expect any solution to the nuclear issue or any progress in (North Korea)-U.S. relations during his term," the unnamed spokesman said.

"Bush is, indeed, a world dictator whose hands are stained with the blood shed by innocent civilians," he said.

The six-nation talks on persuading North Korea to curb its nuclear ambitions - involving the two Koreas, United States, China, Japan and Russia - have been stalled since last June after three inconclusive rounds.

North Korea has already said it will stay away from the nuclear talks until Washington apologizes for comments by U.S. Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice in which she described the communist state one of the world's "outposts of tyranny."

Resuming the talks gained urgency in February when North Korea said it had developed nuclear weapons and would boycott the talks indefinitely. The North has since threatened to increase its nuclear arsenal and has demanded that the United States drops what it calls a hostile policy.

"Over more than four years since Bush's inauguration (North Korea) has shown utmost magnanimity and patience," the North Korean spokesman said Saturday. "It can no longer do so, waiting for any shift in the U.S. policy."

Washington has repeatedly said it has no intention of invading the communist state.

Obviously both sides at least have to tone down their rhetoric. I think President Bush and the Pyong Yang Ambassadors have to be more diplomatic and formal than this childish name calling game.
Where is China standing in all of this? I know they're not all that crazy about the idea of NK having nuclear weapons + ICBM's to launch them with, but how are they playing the situation? China and the USSR are the only nations likely to be able to get NK to hastily rewrite their policy on everything and anything. Is the perception influenced by the unlikelihood of China and Russia being a target?

Meanwhile, the poor North Koreans are having a terrible time of it. What is the total cost of lives for NK I wonder?

Bush has been a bit undiplomatic. I'm not going to question that. Kim Jon Il, on the other hand, has gone to great lengths to convince the world that he's completely nuts. And so the world is confronted with the possibility of an insane world leader launching a warhead (he could hit anywhere in the world in the foreseeable future). Not surprising that nobody is exactly thrilled about it. The Bush Administration has just been more vocal and taken a tough stance. If Russia and China had take a similar stance, the whole crisis would have been over a long time ago.

I do find it funny that NK thinks that waiting for another US President is going to change things for them. Lets face it, the most non-Bush outcome that could happen in 2008 would be Hillary Clinton. She's pretty big on women's rights and NK has a lousy track record for that. So does most of SE Asia from a feminist point of view. So what are the odds that Hillary plays nice with Kim Jong Il? Not likely at all I'd say. She has no reason to cut NK any slack as far as I can see.
Both Russia and China are not absent in this crisis. They sent numerous comminques to Pyonyang urging N. Korea to reconsider its actions, but the messages are not publisized in the media often. Even if Russia and China were to become more vocal in public, N. Korea is not willing to stand down.
Cabal said:
Both Russia and China are not absent in this crisis. They sent numerous comminques to Pyonyang urging N. Korea to reconsider its actions, but the messages are not publisized in the media often. Even if Russia and China were to become more vocal in public, N. Korea is not willing to stand down.
True, Mr Kim probably wouldn't budge. Like I said, he's doing a great job of proving to the world that he's nuts.

What action have Russia and China taken? In China's case, keeping SK happy is a lot more profitable and there is sufficient cases of annoyance ... all the reasons are in place for China to say, "NK, if you pursue this path, we will not back you up under any circumstances." Ideally, China would be a welcome addition to a coalition of nations to remove the threat of NK permanently. (China would definitely want to insist upon being directly involved so they can define what can or cannot happen with the border with China when it is all over.) Would NK cave if faced with that? I know, I know, it's never going to happen.
Bush may be a hooligan, whatever that means, but he is the most powerful hooligan on earth at this time.
I'm still counting the days before someone could say that about South Korea's president. Of course, we'd need a leader who fits that mold first.
I loved that picture of Churchill wtih a tommy gun... superb.
Strange how a nuclear power threatens another country about wanting to become a...nuclear power. Joking aside however, escalation is not the way to go. Both N.Korea and US would both benefit from reverting from hostile attitudes (and plans) methinks. More so because Japan might be forced to join the armament game and then Southeast Asia might become very hot indeed...
Looks like you really understand the area well :roll:

The Arms race, though it's quiet, has pretty much already begun a long time ago. South Korea's been going mad about developing a domestically developed fighter jet. Japan's still got its cards on its Maritime Self Defense Force, China is modernizing its military. America or no America, this place has been having an arms race for a while. As for being aggressive the whole region is just aggressive. We've always been aggressive. Any time Korea dropped its aggressive stance, it got screwed. Anytime ANYONE lost its mean face, it got screwed. It's just the nature of the area mate. People who think it was all nice and rosy before the Americans showed up are living in la la land.
Is the NK leader not a tryant?

Is the NK leader not a tyrant?....and is he not a dangerous man?...

Here is a pict of what kids learn about in North Korean schools


"North Korean children play a shooting game with a toy gun aiming at a portrait of U.S. President George W. Bush at Namjun kindergarten in Shinwiju, Pyongan-Budo, North Korea."

The photo was released by Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on May 9, 2005. (Reuters)
the simple is the cause of the North korea NUKE crisis
* north korean just want their security.
* U.S Do Not want the existence of communist regim in the korean perninsula.

so North korean have decided to develope NUKE and missile to defend their contry.

China is the single largest provider of natural resource for NOrth Korea...

it used to be pretty effective for CHina to control North Korea by threatening to cut the resource supplying....

but now, North Korea seems to be indifferent about China's attitude....

and perhaps that is why China deploys a division along Yalu River recently to show that China knows how to invade NOrth Korea if Kim starts to piss at its only friend