Bullpup vs. M4/M16

The Bullpup and the M16 are even in quality and design. Only difference is ergonomics.

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Israeli Tavor TAR-21. Scuttlebutt says that Charles Daily is trying to sign a deal with IMI to bring a civvie semi-auto version state side.

Right now on the open US market are the following bullpups

MSAR SGT-556 (AUG Clone)
Steyr AUG-A3
Busmaster M17S (Discontinued)
FN Hertsal FS 2000
FN Herstal PS90
Kel-tec RFB (7.62 NATO FN FAL Bullpup)
Charles Daily/IMI Tavor Tar-21 (possible, pending BATFE approval for production. Currently aviable in Canada)

On the military market you have the following

Steyr AUG
FN Herstal FN 2000
HS Produkt VHS
IMI Tavor Tar-21
Norinco QBZ-95
Singapore SAR-21
FN Herstal P90

Out of all the bullpups out there. I own a FN Herstal PS90. I sent of my BATFE Form 1 to registir it as a short barreled rifle. In which it will be just like a FN P90 except it will be semi-automatic only.
The P90 would be a different kind of bullpup because it's gone around the issue of being non ambidextrous by ejecting its casings straight down.
The F2000 also ejects the brass towards the front of the gun so it's ambidextrous.

Is there any truth to the claim that bullpups have heavy mushy triggers compared to rifles of standard layout? I hear that a lot on various forums.
The F2000 also ejects the brass towards the front of the gun so it's ambidextrous.

Is there any truth to the claim that bullpups have heavy mushy triggers compared to rifles of standard layout? I hear that a lot on various forums.

Yes, the majority of Bullpups have a mushy trigger because of the linkage that connects the trigger with the sear. It's usually a rod that is the connection point. But on some cheaper bullpup kits out there it's a metal wire.

My PS90 has a mushy trigger but it's still a good shooting weapon.

As of right now the current platforms that can be used by lefties and normal folks without a problem is the FN P90, FN FN2000, and the Kel-tec RFB. The P90 ejects it's spent cases downward, the FN2000 and the RFB efect the spent cases through a small tube just above the muzzle of the firearm.

The AUG platform can be configured for lefties. But it's not a on the fly kinda thing. You have to remove the bolt and charging handle, replace the efection port cover, etc.....

The three rifles that I know for a fact that are right handed only are the FAMAS, SA-80/L-85, and Norinco QBZ-95. Possibly the SAR-21 from Singapore but I'm not 100% sure.

Me too. I dont like the bullpup layout, never have, never will.

I'm kinda the same way but I am slowly leaning towards them..... A longer barrel in a smaller platform works for me. Hence why I got the PS90. After my Form 1 is approved it's going to have a 10.3 inch barrel with a overall length of 20 inches. That's a tiny platform plus it has a fifty round capacity. As of right now the PS90 with it's 16 inch barrel and overall length of 26 inches is the same size as a H&K MP-5 with it's stock extended.

The PS90 might be the only bullpup I'll ever own though.... no other one on the market has such a fast magazine exchange. Yea, training can get me to work a AUG just as well.... but I think my load out is now M4 Carbines for when things get nasty and a PS90 for regular conceal carry.
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the Tavor is easily changed from right to left handed shooting, but not during combat...I have to wonder why they havent made a better ejection system...Ill have to find one of the guys that used it in CQB about left hand shooting. Probably someone invented some wierd Israeli way of shooting it left handed:)
Yeah, I shoot primarily left handed but I can still shoot right handed and depending on how that corner looks or what cover is available, shooting left might not be an option, so all of a sudden, I'll find myself with the weapon in my right hand.
A right hand only thing is going to be a problem. You'll probably take a lot of casualties trying to negotiate that left corner.
I always thought there was some way to deflect the brass, so that even with the ejection port on the right side it'd fly away from your face. Maybe the chamber is too far back on bullpups?
my cousin is at the Givati Brigade,he is a platoon leader a leut. he was the greatst fan of the M16 that his brigade was issued,but when he got the TAR-21 he says he world changed up-side-down,he says this is the best weapon he ever used,at all aspects.
to hear the words:"this is the best there is" from a man who said the TAR-21 would be a great failure and the M16/M4 would be his fav. is quite nice:P
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Elad, do me a favour and ask him how they fire it from the left shoulder. NOT left hand shooters, right hand shooters when they have to open a corner to the right.
Suck it up and take that hot brass right in the face, it doesn't hurt that much and with adrenaline you won't feel a thing.
If a very hot piece of metal gets in your shirt it will hurt you. and if it scrws up with your aim even a tiny bit at 50 yards it can be the diffrence between a killing shot and a wounding one. or it could make you jerk and expose too much of your body when firing from behind cover.
and if it screws up with your aim

You're shooting with the other hand, your aim is already screwed up. There is no other alternative than just copping it, at the end of the day it's better the brass hitting you than the projectile.