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the government says that they have a formula thet a soldier can wear. It stops a ullet from any direction. Thes our new age of defense. But nature played a big part. The way a turle has his shell is like us with our body armour. Do you think it will be used before 2030?
Care to back that up with anything?

But yes, I do believe we will have almost full-body body armor by 2030, however I think this "formula" is something someone hoiasted on you from a scifi movie.

I've seen it used before and when electomagnetic pulses occur it strenghtens and protects the body. If you know people who work with the CIA ask them they might tell!!(HA HA!!!)
No, you haven't. There's no such thing. The power source needed to create a magnetic field powerful enough to divert a bullet (assuming it wasn't lead, in which case it wouldn't matter how strong it was) would be so massive you would need a semi driving around behind you hauling generators just so you could be bullet-proof. Plus the apparatus itself, unless they just wrap you in copper wire (not so hot with physics, but I am pretty sure this wouldn't work). If you saw an article about this stuff somewhere, please post it.
Best way

Best way to stop enemy fire from killing you is to kill the enemy first. MrMarineJ, why do you post things that have no basis in reality? IF there is a basis to this, i'd love to see it, sounds usefull with my kind of neighbours.... :wink:
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MrmarineJunior said:
I've seen it used before and when electomagnetic pulses occur it strenghtens and protects the body. If you know people who work with the CIA ask them they might tell!!(HA HA!!!)

Care to tell us where you have seen this???

posts some serious posts from now on!
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I'm studying to be an electrical engineer right now and this does sound pretty outlandish. Using certain parts you could create enough current to power such electromagnets, but the heat produced by that would require a much much more complex cooling system. With nano technology this might be possible, but something like that would still be very highly classified. On top of all that though that means the person wearing it would be able to do nothing but stop bullets. The electromagnetic field present would scramble every circuit in 50 yards at least. I don't think this is very possible and even though there is a small chance of it being possible it is completely useless so there is no way the army or anybody is going to manufacture an EMP bomb as a bullet proof vest.

The scientist developing this had said that would use eleticity that is following in your body, The suit has a hydrationsystem. It is said to consist of three layers. The suit, cooling gel system, and the liqiud itself. It is lighter than the regular military vest. You are right this is classified. Until last month when the special about us advancing in war came on. The site and name of this place where it is being made is classified.
You got any sources you'd like to share with the rest of us? If you actually saw something about this, I'd be interested in seeing it.

Dude you need to eatch the discovery channel. It was declassified and the scientist who created it spoke about it. It was very intereasting.
Dude, what was the name of the program? Hearsay doesn't really work as evidence, I would like to see what you saw so I can understand what you're talking about. Even the name of the project or a prototype classification or even a nickname might work, just throw something out there and see if it sticks, ok?
No Problamo'

The name of the show was called wildtech. It the defense episode. The name they had for it was complicated and really long. If not tell me other wise.(THANKs)
This sounds like the Philidelphia experiment back during WWII.

***SUPPOSEDLY*** a huge field of elecrtomagentism was forced around a light cruiser. All was well until the ship actually disappeared, transported to Norfolk, and then re-appeared in a cloud of green fog.

When the scientists boarded the cruiser, they found the crew deathly ill, some crew was actually "imbedded" in the metal and some were even half way stuck...ie, an arm was inside a bulkhead.

There were multiple reports of mental illness from the crew after this. The experiment was abandoned (imagine that) along with the dream of a "true" stealth ship.


This experiment is to be used on humans in the near future. The test being run have proven sucessful but they need to try it out in combat situation.


I heard of that once. The ship they have now is being tested and only at night. It is a ship with the power to dive like a sub. It is stealthy fast and leathal. I forgot the name of it though1

not quite what he said but

i remeber a few years back that they were testing a fiber, that once a current passed through it, could obtain a strength equal to kevlar but much lighter. They didnt push foward with the project, because at the time, the current requirements were too high, and kevlar was much more suited for the actual environment.

There is a posting on the Army research and development site about the possibility that the new war fighter uniform could actually blend into its environment, much like the disappearing cammoflauge of the predator movie.let me see if they still have that concept up :idea:
http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/nr/2002/isn.html this link explains the army giving MIT the go ahead to design a uniform based on nanotechnology :shock:

http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/ofw.htm here another, more informative site on the future of war uniforming :shock:


this is weird this is the article talking about the new microwave area denial system thats supposed to be humane.

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