Bridging the Nuclear Gap by 2015


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I have read a few articles about the motocycle assaisnations to try and foil Iran's nuclear ambitions.

But as for the topic here in this thread is the remarkable (do not mistake my words as admiration) progress in missile design between Iran, and North Korea.

I have read that recently that both countries have tested and are sharing successful technology on Multi Stage Missiles, and that when you compare this trend with the same foot steps that U.S. and Soviet designers faced back in the Cold War, that it should in theory and practice only a short amount of time before the two Nations, either one or both at the same time can produce with outside support, a domestic ICBM capable of not only carrying a Nuclear payload, but delivering such a weapon to the U.S or Europe.

Now if they can build it, and a lot of them, this means that a launch carrying a variety of payloads can be achieved, or in a mask via decoys for the actual armed missiles, in East Asia and the Middle East and abroad, a huge domestic change in the way both Iran and North Korea are precieved and treated, in statehouses not only in those regions, but the world as a whole will change as well.

All this is around the same rough date I keep finding, 2015-2020.

As for the nuclear weapons development programs, if it turns out to be the left shoe of the two, and the missile program the right.

Then it can be assured that if either program is truely successful, and more importantly for terms of a threat anaylsis, in tandem with the other, than like stated before,

One or both are now apart of the world's crediable nuclear powers in terms of strike capability.