Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNab


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This story details the movements of a SAS (special air service, Britian's ellite special operations unit) patrol deep behind the lines during the first gulf war. It details their mission, how they were inserted deep into Iraq and left to fend for themselves, against two divison's of the ellite Repuliblican Guard. It tells of the compromise of there position on the second day of the mission and the extrordinary escape and evasion tactics the team used until becoming serprated. Some of the team was captured as POW's and it details the harsh realities of becoming a POW. It's truly an eye opening account of what special operations forces face, and the courage and strenght they posses.

"Their Mission: To take out the scuds.
Eight went out. Five came back.
Their story has been cloaked in secrecy.
Until Now"
(from the back cover of the book)

It's a must read for every civilan and military person alike. It will change your mind about the strenght of the human spirt to hope against all odds.

Who dares, wins ~ SAS
Didn't the history channel do a special 2 hour doccumentary on Bravo two zero last year? If so then surely it isn't complete fiction. Does the book just take a real event and give it the 'hollywood treatment'?
I did some poking around the web and my findings are inconclusive. Most official sites label the book as non-fiction. One site called it a tale.

RnderSafe, how do you know it is a fiction book?
as soon as michael asher released his counter book, the entire story went up in smoke, and its going to be hard to prove one right and one wrong, its surpising that ahser felt so strongly that he released a book that opposed most of what mcnab said
bonnieblue716 said:
You sure about that? It reads like it's non-fiction in my opinon.

I thrust RnderSafe 100% if he says that most of it are fiction... :)
Ok so what's the military rule of don't believe 90% of what you hear and 75% of what you see. lol i guess i just believe stuff waaaay to easily but then I'm just an innocent little chic from the bible belt so you know. Anyway, thanks for setting me straight.:~)
Try to do a google search for it, or read The Real "Bravo Two Zero": The Truth Behind "Bravo Two Zero" and "soldier five" or even "the one that got away" and see if you still think that everything McNab wrote was the thruth.. :)
beardo said:
most of it is true

Very little. If it were, then it probably wouldn't have sold as well as it did.

In my opinion, it's still a good book - and I would recommend it to others with the understanding that it is not a "true to life" account of the events.

Up to our asses in crocodiles is more interesting than being mid-calf in alligators.
Yeah... There are two books that disprove it (that I know of)
1. The Real Bravo 2 0 : This book was written by a former SAS TA soldier who has also lived with the Bedouin people for two yeahs and is fluent in Arabic... He follow the actual route of the patrol and talks to eye witnesses. It's a really good read.

2. The Eye Of the Storm : This book was Written By Peter (Billy) Radcliffe, the Former RSM of the SAS, who was in Iraq when Bravo 2 0 was sent out... In my opinion a must read.
Well, in my opinion Michael Asher is a sorry excuse for a soldier trying to inflate his self image, expecially in the TV show he made about his book. Anyone who has seen it must agree that all of that stuff with the phillips family and the can of guiness was total drivel. In my humble opinion both bravo two zero and expecially the one that got away contain slight descrepencies, but the real bravo two zero is a slanderous pack of lies. If anyone is interested in bravo two zero then Mike coburn's "soldier five" is the most likely story I've come across. It's a first hand account of the mission unlike asher's tactic of walking into the desert with his Baathist minders and asking the first Iraqis he sees.
Well... The Real Bravo 2 0 is in agreement for the most part with Peter Ratcliffs, "The Eye Of The Storm" I tend to believe the former RSM of the SAS... And in turn Believe Michael Asher.
I have not read Soldier Five, but I plan on it as soon as I can find it.

The book was ok the film on other hand is brilliant.

And its mostly true. about 20% of the story has been changed for obv. reasons but 80% of that story is true.

Due to this, there was a major court case against Andy Macnab to what he revealed to the public. The government went spare.

So now when you leave the military you have to sign an agreement that for 10yrs you are not allowed to repeat anything military wise to news papers/news or make a book.

Social life etc yes but operations no.

I know some one who Knows one of the acclaimed in this story and well lets say, if you think this story is BS, do what you want.

In end these books are from the side of different people. Considering they all got split up at some point their stories won't fully match.
They were there you weren't so how are you to know what is truth?

Leave it be, whats done is done. People lost a husband/son/father/brother during hteir mission so why argue what happened in their life?
He even markeded "Immediate Action" (which I read) by actually putting "THE BOOK THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT TRIED TO STOP!" on the front cover.
Yeah but the main reason for The Real Bravo 2 0 was to Clear One of the soldiers names... In Ryans book, he talks about Vince being cowardly and unable to work with the others, The Real Bravo 2 0 try's to clear that up.
Re: yep

Anya1982 said:
Thats because the government did try to stop the book

For a very good reason, no doubt.
I hate to say this but every time one of these books come out, it puts those in active duty now at further risk.