BMT-72 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle


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Greetings all

Well I am :stupid: and need your guys help with some realy cool fighting vehicle issue here. Yesterday I was looking for information regarding the T-54 russian built tank. And I stumble across this page >>>


Anyone that have more informations regarding this BMT-72 vehicle that can back me up with some links information and so on? And I want the serious part of the programme. ;)


First time to see this BMT-72, simply looks great, and that "troop compartment" for 5 persons is great too.

I never heard that this BMT-72 is in service.

Sorry mate, on whole Internet I only find a Chinese site with decent info about this BMT-72, time to start Chinese learning :D

Anyway here the Chinese Link (Global Military):

But Chinese classify the BMT-72 not as a real Tank but just a Infantry Combat Vehicle.
OK, here are some discussion about this MBT-72 on

"The Russian is also working on a BMT-72 HIFV which looks like a MBT but in fact a Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle(HIFV). May be in future ,this will be the standard armour arsenal in most army and MBT will continue to play a part in the 21th century armour warfare in other form."

Nice to read:
Hello FlyingFrog :)

I can see now why I should have read Chines instead of Swedish :lol:
Well but this is what I have found out from another place on the net about this BMT-72 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Like most Morozov projects there is maby 1-2 prototypes and now they
are seeking contracts for this fighting vehicle and that is why it is so hard to get anything more about these realy great machinery. But for the record. Sir... Thanks for your help - And If there is anyone else out there with informations about this BMT-72 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Please help us out because this is interesting. Almost as interesting as :santa: turns up on the 24th december or 25th for some people. :lol:


Hello Doctor :D

I have no clue what Doc.S means in Swedish :shock:

I just have one tiny thought about this:
Why they call it HIFV (Fighting Vehicle, but not HICV, Heavey Infantry COMBAT Vehicle), Combat seems to me better than Fighting :D

Well Doc is because I was drafted as an medical orderly ambulance driver and emergency care, when I was going in to the army I had completed upper secondary education, intensive care, health care sector, nursing, etc, etc 3 years + 1 social sciences. So my friends got me a pet name Doc.S. S stands for Social Science Nerd :lol:

I just have one tiny thought about this:
Why they call it HIFV (Fighting Vehicle, but not HICV, Heavey Infantry COMBAT Vehicle), Combat seems to me better than Fighting

FlyingFrog? I realy don´t know??? :D
Yeah Doc, now I don't need to apologize I called you doctor :D

Well, I check some sites, indeed they all cal them HIFV, "combat" is rarely used.

There is so little info about BMT HIFV on net, maybe BMT is simply a new concept?

But I don't think HIFV is the way of future, we should not try to combine different function units into one single vehcile. I would simply combine a good MBT with a Armored Infantry Vehcile.

Just enjoying some IFV's :D




Not very sure.

I think:
BMT is an upgrate of MBT.
BMT is mainly still a battle tank.
HIFV is mainly an armored vehicle not a battle tank,
Snauhi said:
all chinies stuff is copys of russian vechicles and some of them are very bad,,


The key of the above claim is the word "ALL" :D

These are all Chinese home made vehicles too, do you have similar vehicles in Russia :D

Beijing Jeep Type 212 Upgrated:

"Hummer" of DongFeng Automobile:

Beijing Jeep Type 212:
Snauhi said:
all chinies stuff is copys of russian vechicles and some of them are very bad,,
So what? Russians copied first Germans with StG, than US with almost anything......
What da HELL?! That thing looks just like................... HUMMER?!
And to be sold in US? :? This is very confuseing..................
Yuppie only the civilian cars are going to USA soon.

That military jeep indeed similar to HUMMER :D

But this Chinese next generation military jeep does not look like Hummer more, designed and produced by Beijing Automobile Company:

New Concept Jeep:


Beijing Jeep Type 2020:
And this one is currently the main battle jeep in Chinese army:
Cool Jeeps there! 8)

FlyingFrog Is that a Zhanshen jeep?

the Jeep with soldiers looks like its armed with Hong Qian 7 surface to air missiles? Or is that HJ-8E ATGMs? The machine gun 12.7mm W-85?

A lot of firepower on that Jeep - Something to have when you are going to the supermarket when it´s sell off! :lol:


Oh DOC, I think after a while I could be a "dead froggie" because of the shocking surprise from you, you konw TOO MUCH about the Chinese stuff :twisted:

While, one jeep is the Beijing 2020 Type, it costs about 10,000 to 20,000 USD, but many people just buy retired military jeeps which cost sometimes only 500 USD if you have good relations with the army :D
The concept jeep is called Yong3Shi4 (BraveSoldier) I think.

I don't know ZhanShen, I don't know, I really do NOT know :oops:

I am just a newbie really I promise :evil:


Well, another Chinese home made military jeep, not really a jeep, but a speedy forward charging vehicle :D


Chinese "Hummer" made by DongFeng(East Wind) Auto Comp :roll:


Well I can tell you FlyingFrog and all the others about the secrets of my "knowledge".... 8 years of looking around news articles, homepages, and the library after foreign armour and equipment. I problably don´t know anything of importance of my own armys equipment more then the basics. I find it not to interesting. Well there are some BMP-1s there and the PBV vehicle and then there is the German equipment. With 200 operativ tanks and a army that only cuts down all the time, isn´t to interesting to follow up. So I turn my eyes out in the great world.

The designs and the fast built up and the third generation vehicles and tanks are so much more interesting. Some people in sweden like to be in their gardens poking around, some people just hang at the malls. And some people play videogames. But I... Well I just play SPMBT and talk with people around the world to calm my burning interest of foreign tanks. And then we have the TV where they sometimes shows a battlefield and I can pin point that burning or shooting vehicle with very little marginal.

A war is so much more interesting when you know what they are showing. :lol: But my main interest is in this hobby of mine - Playing SPMBT and I am always using the foregin countries when I am playing. Sometimes there are something new that they havent screamed around on all channels and all Janes defense homepages. I am there to take up the issue and try to get a better army out of the Chinese and the Russian or Ukraines in the game. The western stuff. Well let´s say It isn´t half as interesting as the foreign stuff. ;)

And I don´t realy know how I can get use of this "knowledge" of mine more then if I got an steddy job and a big table where I could put togheter some models of these tanks I work to hard to find something about. But my wife don´t complain. She is always looking after astronomy things around the planet and in the galaxy. :lol: Well I got my tanks :D