best uniforms

What service has the coolest uniform?

  • Navy Whites

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  • Army Dress Blues

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  • Air Force Blues

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  • VMI Dress

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  • Citidel Dress

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  • other uniforms(specify)

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  • Wranglers

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That's a big negative. There are rumors saying that everyone should be wearing them by the beginning of next year. They're pretty interesting that's for sure. I"m not really looking forward to them.
I saw one SrA wearing a set over at Vandenberg AFB the other week, man those things are bright, he didn't look none too happy to be wearing it either.
hahaha...I can't imagine he would. They wanted distinguishing uniforms and they got 'em.
Was the blouse tucked in by chance?
I've seen pictures where people have been wearing them tucked in...
Actually his wasn't, which I thought was interesting because I'd heard that it was regulation to tuck them in and batten down with that nice big rigging belt.
Canadian Navy Dress Whites for me. Next to that would be the Marine Corps standard uniform (the browns)
I think the Marine Corp and Army dress blues are sharp, but I personally prefer the Air Force because they keep it simple BDU's, DCU's, or blues not as many uniforms to maintain, and not much on the blues to have to hang in the right spot. As I believe someone mentioned the Army sure has alot of stuff hanging on the uniform.....
While I am in the Army I am gonna have to go with the Marines, with the Blood Stripe on the pants, it is undoubtedly the best looking.
Even though I was Army I think the Marine Corps. dress blues ae the sharpest looking uniform. As far as comfortable...give me a set of BDUs anyday.
the Marine Corps blues are the best, but my dad's uniform makes me look short and big headed. (pants too long, cover too small)

The coat/jacket/top/whatever you want to call it fits me perfectly.