Best Aerobatic Team

What do you think the best aerobatic team in the world is?

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USAF Thunderbirds.....

Just because I'm a ground pounder and I hate the US Navy..... ;)




F-35 Joint Strike Fighter..... the F-16 Replacement and the New USAF Thunderbird
I have to agree with Fox. I have seen the Blue Angels, Thunder Birds, Snow Birds, The Smoke Squadron (Brazilian AF), Red Arrows, Frecce Tricolori (Italian AF), etc. The Blue Angels fly a lot faster than most other groups and their precision is truly first rate. They were the first to constantly fly at distances of less than a meter between aircraft at speeds of 800km/hr (500mph) or more.


The first aerobatic team in Turkish Air Force is established in 1952 under the name National (Mili), as a part of 9th Air Base Command at Balikesir. This team flies on F-84G Thunderjet, and exist till 1962, performing in Turkey, Italy and Belgium.
In 1955 is formed another display team flying with F-86E Sabre from 4th Air Base Command in Eskisehir. This team carries Flying Swans (Ucan Kugular) name, and exist till 1965. All planes are painted in white and red colors with swan drawing figure and performed in nine and twelve-ship formations. Team performed only in Turkey.
From 1957 till 1959 in 8th Air Base Command in Diyarbekir, exist an aerobatic team flying on F-84G. This team carries Scorpions (Akrep) name, and performed in Turkey and Pakistan.
From 1964 till 1966 in 5th Main Jet Base Command in Merzifon, exists Bats (Yarasalar) display team, flying on F-86E Sabre planes, painted in black and white colors.
In 1966 from 6th Main Jet Base Command in Bandirma is formed Eagle (Kartal) aerobatic team, flying on F-5A Freedom Fighter airplanes. In 1971 this team visited Italy. This is the last year, when aerobatic teams exists in Turkish Air Force, until in 1992 were formed Turkish Stars.

Turkish Stars History

The Turkish Stars are established on 7 Nov 1992 from the 132nd squadron of the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in Konya. On 11 Jan 1993 the team receives its present name Turkish Stars (Turk Yildizlari), while team's first demonstration is in 1994 in Diyarbekir. Team's planes are painted in white and red, while before at bottom is painted letters from the name and bas-relief of the Turkish National Hero Kemal Ataturk. At the beginning team starts to fly with seven F-5, while later in 2001 they becoming unique eight-ship supersonic jet demonstration team. Team's planes use smoke generators releasing red and white smoke. Turkish Stars have a support C-130 plane, painted in team colors, who is replaced by C-160 Transall in 2008.
don't know about the above stuff never got the opportunity see them so i'll go for suryakirans(indian aerobatic team )they are amazing.
Where are the Russian Knights? The only aerobatic team to fly heavy bodied aircraft. Also I like the Blue Angels, seen them many times, and U.S. Marines Fly with them. ;)
I don't know much on this topic but I have known the Red Arrows to be described as one of the best aerobatic squadrons in the world. Either way we must hand it to the pilots. It is extremely hard to do, no matter what squadron. Many deaths have occurred from it however to get it right is even harder than a dogfight!