Belgium and the purchase of 5 F-35...

1st Lt. Kirzillian

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So, since 1990 the Belgian Army became no longer forced on the general population.

14 years later, there are 3 troopers and a donkey in our beloved army (hyperbole to make a point), yet, we are going to buy 5 F-35 fighter jets.

Where, right now, if our military are sent out, we usually do civil tasks, such as setting up tents, or help in some form.
We're good at logistics, we do have good F-16's, good F-16 pilots, but hardly a target to release them on.

And we're going to spend a massive multi-billion Euro on this joke.
Why would we need a super jet with Electronic Warfare Systems, Advanced Stealth Systems, and more of these nifty, but for us totally useless techs?
What will we use them for?
Shooting camels in the desert???

Instead of plugging our immense national debt, no, they're going to replace our F16s.
Note, we have 50+ of these jets...
For an army that has 3 troopers and a donkey?????

I had the same feeling when Sweden built the JAS. The Swedish army needed new equipment, but everything was on hold because of a fighter plane the air force didn't need.
But how smart can a government be, pulling such a stunt out of their arse?
Knowing we have quite a debt, and STILL try to buy the F-35 platform, KNOWING it will never be used to it's full potential due to the ideology that we have about military operations?
Is the world flooded by nothing but complete numbnuts, then?
It's been a while since I heard something decent from (any) government...
Makes me wonder why Earth is in such a good shape, really.