Bayonet kills

Although the, now famous, bayonet charge has been on the news etc over here in the UK I must warn our brothers and sisters around the world not to take as gospel everything The Sun puts into print.
The Sun is regarded as a comic over here, albeit with massive daily sales.

The Sun was the newspaper that ran an exclusive interview with the widow of Colonel H Jones who won the Victoria Cross during the Falklands War.
The only problem was that The Sun had not interviewed H's widow but had asked the girls in the office what they thought she'd say :?
Hey, Achmed, I hear you and 100 of your buddies just got whooped on by 20 Limeys with knives, what were you saying about that picture you saw of me on the news with Pfc England?"

Dude, these guys were Highland troops - watch your mouth calling them Limeys like that!
And knife fighting is what highlanders are BEST at! Well ok they're pretty decent at fighting in general but with KNIVES - They're just MEAN!