Basic Training Changes


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Finally changes to our basic training regimine is underway, but is it a good thing? Basic training has been the same since Vietnam and we have built the strongest military in the world. Basic Training will now be longer, more intense and focus on dealing with terrorists than fighting in a jungle. Sounds good to me, but it looks like this might discourage recruits from joining. Anyone else have any thoughts?
I think more urban training would be good for soldiers, it will help us better fight terrorism. And I wouldn't care if they doubled the length of basic, I'm still enlisting.
Basic training can only do so much. When I got to my first duty station, I realized that basic and AIT only taught me the extreme basics of what I needed to know. I think I learned more in 2 weeks at my unit then what basic and AIT did for me in 15 weeks.
To fully train an infantry soldier will take 3 months Basic Military Training; 3 months weapon specialisation training; 3 months platoon & company level training; finally 3 months battalion level training.
Then after this first year, can a soldier be operationally ready. After that, this soldier will be engaged in brigade or divisional level exercises.

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I think that Basic and all the other training should be longer, I also believe that there should be more chances for them to get to schools when they hit the fleet. Just because they are out of basic that doesn't mean that trainin should stop. The MOUT trainin is essential for all military to go through.