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It's been a long time since I've posted any pictures up so I figured why not get back into it. Once again, all photos and names are courtesy of the department of defence, so no OPSEC violations have occurred.


SASR Trooper Jason Brown. Killed In Action 14 August 2010 during a raid in Afghanistan. Who dares wins. Rest in peace digger.


A Joint Terminal Attack Controller from No. 4 Squadron RAAF Williamtown NSW, prepares to place a panel marker down while practicing marking Landing Zones at RAAF Base Darwin for Exercise Pitch Black 2010.


Private Toby Hering patrols through the green zone in the Deh Rawood region of southern Afghanistan.


A combined British and Australian gun crew with soldiers from 'A' Battery, 4 Field pose in Afghanistan


An Australian Soldier from the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment comes ashore in a combined Australian Army/USMC amphibious mechanised assault exercise in Kaneohe Bay


Members of 2 RAR and the USMC


An operator from AUSCDT (Team 4) fast ropes from a RAN Sea King


An Australian SF operator mentores an Afghan section in Urban Operations


Sergeant Cameron Wagstaff, 36, of Brisbane, checks his pack before moving off on a patrol in East Timor.


Australian Blackhawks fly in a combined force of Australian Army, New Zealand Army, USMC and Timorese Defence Force to conduct a raid on the abandoned Manatuto prison in Timor

Commando Private Tim Aplin from 2nd Commando Regiment killed in action in Afghanistan


Commando Private Scott Palmer from 2nd Commando Regiment killed in action in Afghanistan


Commando Private Ben Chuck from 2nd Commando Regiment killed in action in Afghanistan.

All three were killed when their helicopter crashed in Afghanistan on 21 June 2010.


Some weapons captured by Australian Special Forces during the Shah Wali Khot offensive in Afghanistan


An Australian SF patrol observes a valley during the Shah Wali Khot offensive


An Australian SF Operator takes a break in after the liberation of the town of Ghizab from the Taliban


An Australian SF operator in watches the trafic in the main town of Urazgan


Australian SF Operators wait to board aviation assets for a night raid


Abrams and M113 shake out for a battle run at Puckpunyal


Abrams from the 1st Armoured Regiment at Puckapunyal. Note the two distinct Australian paint schemes for the armoured vehicles.

Private John Drake from the First Mentoring Task Force patrols the green zone of Sinha.


Private John Drake, Bombardier Glen Swain and Captain Paul Carter from the First Mentoring Task Force patrol through the green zone of Sinha.


Sergeant Major of SECDET, Warrant Officer Class 2 Socrates Lekatis (right) and Officer Commanding SECDET, Major Allan Hamley on the top of Carl Hall, the home of SECDET in Baghdad.


An Australian C-17 banks with a full payload of ASLAV's after taking off from Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan


Trooper Eamon Hale in the back of a unmarked Land Cruiser in Baghdad


A Paratrooper from 3 RAR fires his weapon during an exercise at Tully (gotta love Tully)


A Combat Training Centre Observer Trainer instructs a 3RAR Soldier on his jungle soldiering


A 3RAR Paratrooper enjoys the rain, and leeches, and mites, and cassowaries, and wait-a-while, and the rats, and the darkness, and more rain, and more rain.


Captain Julian Hohnen from the First Mentoring Task Force, patrols across the green zone in the village of Sajawul.


Corporal Daniel Luxford from the First Mentoring Task Force, pats some sheep away during a patrol in the village of Khuajem Ahmad.

Soldiers from NORFORCE patrol the vast waterways of the Northern Territory and Queensland for people smugglers, drug runners, refugees, illegal fishing vessels and gun smugglers.


A reservist Commando from 1st Commando Regiment in Afghanistan


1st Commando Regiment SF Patrol returns to Tarin Kot


A reservist commando from 1st Commando Regiment on his quad bike


Soldiers from the MTF enjoy a run at their FOB in Afghanistan


Australian SF medics on board a US Helicopter


An Australian soldier in the Afghan mountains


An Australian patrol at the halt in the Afghan winter


SF Members (either 1 or 2 Commando regiment or SASR) on patrol in Afghanistan


The Battalion Colours of 5/6 RVR are carried through Melbourne on ANZAC day 2010
Rest in Peace to the fallen.

Great pictures again, thanks Nick.
The jungle warfare center looks like hell on earth!
Top notch. Salute to the fallen and to all the Aussie soldiers, had the privilege to serve with a couple, great guys and thoroughly professional.

Very cool pictures!
Australian military is definitely among the most interesting to learn more about. Way to go!

The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie, places Private Kirby's medals on the casket.


Pte Thomas Dale and Pte Grant Kirby arrive home. Rest in peace lads.


Rest in peace Lance Corporal Jarred MacKinney. You're coming home too. Well done digger, four tours and you paid the price. You've joined the ANZAC legend.


A soldier wades his way through a cornfield during a patrol through the Mirabad Valley.


Soldiers approach a compound in the Mirabad Valley during the pre-dawn light.


Mentoring Team Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class Two Richard Van De Leur, receives an unexpected greeting from a local Afghan man at a vehicle checkpoint in the Mirabad Valley region.


Lads from the SASR paying their respects to their fallen comrade Trooper Jason Brown.


The Commanding Officer of the Al Muthanna Task Group, Lieutenant Colonel Roger Noble and by the Regimental Sergeant Major, WO1 Bob Aboud arrive at the As Samawah souk.


Lads of the Mentoring Task Force in Afghanistan take a break in what little shade they can find.


Well deserved no doubt. These guys are awaiting pick up by PMV.

Paras from 3 RAR drop into Shoalwater bay.


Soldiers from 5 RAR utilise an 84mm Carl Gustav at Shoalwater bay


A 5 RAR M113 provides fire support during an urban ops exercise in conjunction with the USMC (3rd Battalion, 5th Marines of the 31st Marine Expiditionary Unit) at Shoalwater Bay


Mechanised soldiers from 5 RAR finally get out of their buckets and do some work.


An Australian Soldier shelters behind a destroyed car


The Australian Federal Police IDG move in to qual some disquiet amongst the locals in conjunction with the Australian Army.


A Para from 3 RAR lets loose with an F89 P


Trooper Adrian Johan and Trooper Ross Spencer make there way down from the Rove Observation Post (OP) in the dense vegetation of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.


Corporal Conan Bland looking all together too happy prior to patrolling to Hells Point in the Solomon Islands.


ASLAVs wait as engineer do a route clearance in Afghanistan

CO 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (Parachute) Surveys the landing ground as his battalion parachutes into Charters Towers.


Pte Sean Williams Sniper Pl 3RAR checks his kit after the Airborne combat team parachute insertion into the Combined Arms Training Activity near Charters Towers on September 6.


Pte Adrian Faranda DFSW Pl 3RAR prepares for his next task after the Airborne combat team parachute insertion into the Combined Arms Training Activity near Charters Towers on September 6.


The ADFA Precision Drill Team highlights their coordination and skill during one of their performances at an Australian Defence Force Academy open day.


An RAAF joint tactical air controller on his ATV at RAAF Williamstown


Australian Army medical staff set up a temporary field hospital in Pakistan


United States Navy Lieutenant Jolene North and Lieutenant Garnett Hall, a Reservist Infantry Officer and qualified veteranarian from the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) provide medical treatment to a goat in the Lautaim district in Timor Leste.


Gunner Jake Hyland, 107 Battery, 4 Field Regiment maintaining a security during piquet duty at Forward Operating Base Budwan, Helmand Province Afghanistan.


Trooper Ross Spencer shakes hands with Inspector Brian Palusi from the Correctional Services of the Solomon Islands (CSSI) after completing a routine perimeter patrol of the Rove Central Correctional Centre, in Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.


Soldiers from B Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment took part in a mechanised assault at Kaneohe Bay to wrap up the amphibious evolution of RIMPAC 2010. The Australians came ashore from USS Cleveland before travelling to the range in Amphibious Assault Vehicles driven by the US Marine Corps.


Sergeant Scott Norton an Aircrewman from 5th Aviation Regiment scans his arcs with a M134D Mini Gun checking for ground threats to the CH-47 Chinook in Kandahar Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Colonel Shane Gabriel, Commanding Officer of the 1st Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force, joins his soldiers on the ground during Operation Zamarai Silawel in Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan.


Patrol in the Green Zone of the Chora Valley


Commanding Officer of the First Mentoring Task Force Lieutenant Colonel Mark Jennings takes his first patrol as commander during a visit to the Chorah Valley region.


Australian Army Medic Corporal Charles Stevenson checks the vital signs of an Afghan villager who approached his patrol during Operation Zamarai Silawel in the Mirabad region of Uruzgan Province.


Corporal Ryan Ireland (left) and Corporal Jamin Nest (right) prepare a stack of recently discovered insurgent RPG rounds along with small arms ammunition for destruction. The engineers blew up the weapons, denying the insurgents the opportunity to deploy them against Coalition and Afghan security forces.


(Front) Corporal Jamin Nest removes an AK47 round, part of an insurgent weapons cache found during Operation Zamarai Silawel, conducted in the week following Anzac Day in Uruzgan Province.


Personnel from Timor-Leste Battle Group 3 during a capability demonstration at Aileu.


An ASLAV Personnel Carrier from 2/14 Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) returns to its dug-in overwatch position during Operation Shar Markaz.


Private Damien Kent helps provide security for project engineers of the Reconstruction Task Force, based in Afghanistan, during an inspection tour of works.


Infantry conduct a clearance during a sand storm in Al Salman, Iraq


Corporal Daniel Lobascher in the teeth of a blizzard at an Observation Post in the Chora Valley.


Before bad weather sets in, perfect vistas can be seen across the Chora Valley for Sergeant Lloyd Brandon and Lieutenant Ben Watson, on patrol with the Reconstruction Task Force.

The funeral of Pte Grant Kirby, killed by an IED in Afghanistan on 20 AUG 10. RIP Digger.


Warrant Officer Class Two Richard Van De Leur observes the search procedures used by Afghan National Army soldiers at the vehicle checkpoint in the Mirabad Valley region of Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan.


A Combat Engineer discovers an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) concealed in a rock wall during a patrol through the lower Mirabad Valley region of Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.


Soldiers enjoy a BBQ on their first evening at the Deh Rawood patrol base.


Carl Gustav 84mm being fired in the Deh Rawood area


ASLAV fires across a valley in Deh Rawood


Australian Snipers in overwatch in southern Afghanistan


A platoon from Combat Team Tusk, takes cover, as Australian engineers prepare to "blow in place" an insurgent weapons cache that had been uncovered during Operation Tura Ghar, in the Baluchi Valley, southern Afghanistan.
Combat Team Tusk is the Force Protection element of the 1st Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force.


Private Nathan Smith, from the Mortar section of Combat Team Tusk, moves the ammunition from his weapon in preparation for a move further into the Baluchi Valley during Operation Tura Ghar.


Afghan mud


ASLAV and Bushmaster in the Baluchi Valley as part of Op Tura Ghar.


A soldier from 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, patrols in southern Afghanistan.