Artillery: The King of battle.... :)

I liked watching direct fire. Sometimes the rounds will skip off the ground and land a few hundred meters back from the intended target. In war, that will give the boys in the rear a wake up call. 8)

The favorite target for an FO: troops in the open :twisted:
Infantry - the lowest thing on the food chain on the battle field. Basically you have a stackload of things you can't hurt and everything, including a crazy moose, can kill you.

- future infantryman.

My old man was artillery and I have been indoctrinated into believing that the artillery is the king of the battlefield. Basically it defines the shape of the lines. Where you can move your troops and can't will depend on the enemy's artillery. Place your men in the field of fire and you can just kiss them goodbye.
Treebursts... shrapnel... WP, HE, cluster... war is hell dude. It's even worse if you're an infantryman.
yup, artillery is the king, in this game blitzkrieg i often have up to 3 batteries of 4 heavy artillery pounding the enemy, basically i can win the game just using artillery

anyways, artillery is the most phycological weapon of the war, shellshock really affects a soldiers balance, hearing and ya, kill you

bombers meas artillery in the us army

artillery is known as the god of war by the soviets, their bombardments have paled the barrages in the battle of somme in comparson, thats why 90% of germans in trenches before a soivet offensive is either dead or handicapped
Bombardments are used by all that can afford to do so. Though I think your game using those heavy cannons and beating the enemy instantly is more of a game mistake as no one would just sit around and let their units get blasted away by clumsy-to-move heavy arty.
Doody said:
I liked watching direct fire. Sometimes the rounds will skip off the ground and land a few hundred meters back from the intended target. In war, that will give the boys in the rear a wake up call. 8)

The favorite target for an FO: troops in the open :twisted:

VT in effect :twisted: :firedevi:
Excellent quote page, Redleg! I bookmarked it.

Best quote:

"The artillery was my strongest tool. Often it was my only reserve .... I repeatedly said it was more a matter of the infantry supporting the artillery than the artillery supporting the infantry.... I wish I knew the countless times that positions were taken or held due solely to TOT's ...."

- Major General R. 0. Barton
Commanding US 4th Infantry Division World War II
(Reminiscing with his division artillery commander)

But to give the infantry their due:

"The thanks of the infantry, in my opinion, must be treasured more by every artilleryman than all decorations and citations. "

- Colonel Georg Bruchmuller,
Imperial German Army Artillery Officer and Father of Modern Fire Support

I was also gratified to see that though you were right about Louis the XIV and Ultima Ratio Regum. (The final argument of kings) being enscribed on French cannons, I wasn't entirely wrong in thinking of Frederick the Great:

"Do not forget your dogs of war, your big guns, which are the most-to- be respected arguments of the rights of kings."

- Frederick Wilhelm II (1712-1786)
King of Prussia (1740-1786)
"Frederick the Great"

Note to 13th Redneck: Clumsy to move? See my treads?
I meant the heavier stuff.
The REALLY big guns.
A line of 155s are hardly big enough to win the whole war for you as that other dude did in this computer game.
lol, in the game my ml-20 152mm soviet heavy gun basically needs scouts, thereby i just use scout planes, paratroopers to find enemy positions

in this game if i fire artillery then the other side will fire back, thats why the game isnt as easy as yo uthink

artillery is the basis of war i think, but using artillery is also considered an art form of stategy

some generals who rely on artillery might on day attack without artillery, thereby catches the enemy in surprice

some generals have intense bombardment ( kytushas)

some have a sweep artillery bombardment, whcih meant the artillery always fire 1 km ahead of the attacking forces
"There is NO job in the Field Artillery for the weak, the timid or the indecisive."
- Unknown

That reminds me of something my MBdr used to say on course(don't ask why the artillery was training an infanteer). He informed us the Artillery couldn't be left out of a battle; battles with out artillery, or engineers, are just disorganized brawls. According to him, that's why the queen gave the motto Ubique to the RCA(Royal Canadian Artillery); to name every battle would be impossible, they all need artillery.
ya, but crappy artillery aint that good either, some country mortar aint going ot help you out either

i think the best combo is mortar first line of artillery, light howtizer second line, heavy howtizer third line, and longrange heavy gun-howtizers fourth line
Redleg, you've forgot something! :D

Redleg! STBTT K.08/02 here.

I've read through the past postings here, and I can see that there has been some discussion on the norwegian armed forces and artillery.
What seems to be forgotten are the small, but very agile force of first generation MLRS launchers that the norwegian artillery posess. These launchers can deliver highly effective explosives, extremely accurate in a very mobile manner!

So as far as I can see (without the MLRS launchers being an area of expanison for the Norwegian Armed Forces) you've forgotten about these. I've seen them in action, and by the use of bomblet rockets they're capable of wiping out a very large area with only one shot, moving to the next firing position before the rocket even hit the ground!
They are not forgotten, but it unfortunately looks like they are on their way out of the Norwegian Army now.... :?

STBTT K.08/02, hmmm...
I believe I know your old platoon commander.... :)
Oh yes?

Yep! Lt. B is cool!

Things has really changed now, so it's not really much left of what I experienced up there...
...I thinks he's in BTT-N now. In what's left of the field survey unit.