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Rustan said:
>>>how about not dissing the marine corps considering they are the first ones into a combat zone and that is why? because they are the most respectable and most professional, why do you think the marines and the secret service are the presidentsa body guards, hmmmmm<<<

Ok so you are allowed to make fun of other branches of the service (Namely Army), yet the Marine Corps isn't touchable? How many years in the service do you have? Are you just a wannabe cadet at the moment? You'll understand that there are jokes that circulate within each service, and it is all fair game. When things get serious however, each service is professional and respectable. Each service has a different mission so you cannot go on saying one is MORE respectable than another. The Marines are light units that can quickly go in attack and get out. The Army on the other hand is for occupation and stability, using heavier fire power and armor units.

To your response: first of all, the Marines are not always the first to go into a combat zone, usually it is the Special Forces, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, etc depending on the mission. Before claiming that the Marines are "the most professional and respectable," let me ask you, what schools do the Marines have for training? Do the Marines have an Airborne school, Air Assault, Winter Warfare? Should I even need to mention Ranger school or the Special Forces (Green Berets)? How many Marines go to ARMY schools to receive training. Whose tactics and field manuals have the Marines used or "adopted"? That's right, the Army, the largest and FIRST ground force. What service is the oldest-first to fight and build the nation's might? If things get too hot for the Marines and they can't occupy territory, who do they send in? The Army and Marines have different missions.

In regards to positions of honor like guarding the President, each service has their own honors. Let me respond by asking, who guards and cares for Arlington National Cemetary/the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 365 days 24/7? If you are going to place respectability and professionalism on guarding the president, than by golly, the Secret Service should be the best of all the know they aren't military, right? As an Army Infantry officer, I'm sick and tired of hearing about how the Marines are always more respectable etc... over the Army and vice-versa.

Jokes are fun but when they degrade the men and women of a particular service (calling them less professional or respectable) it goes too far.

Little peckish sir? BTW the Corps has it's winter warfare school at Bridgeport/Pickle Meadows Ca. What we don't have is an Arctic WF school.

BAD the 13th general order in the Corps is Thou shall flippth sh*t at the Navy, Air Force and Army.
BTW i am not thinking about joining the marines although i have respect for them and every memeber in the military.
Here is the RN version of what marines stands for
Ok thats me done flame me at will!
Re: Oh, but it's ok to make fun of the Army?

03USMC said:
BAD the 13th general order in the Corps is Thou shall flippth sh*t at the Navy, Air Force and Army.

lol, they don't teach you that in jrotc
Okay this is all in good fun and with all due respect to the Corps. I'm the son of a leatherneck and even he thought this one was funny.

On a sheet of paper draw a large rectangle with an "X" thru it and then put a small "X" on top of the rectangle. Show it to a fellow troop who knows something about map markings and ask him/her what it is. Most will tell you it's an infantry brigade. Tell them "No, it's the signature block of a Marine general endorsed by a captain". If you do that to a Marine prepare to run like hell he he.
^^^^^^^^^^^ :cen: :lol:

After the Revolutionary War the new United States was down sizing it's military.And dividing the remaining forces.
The process went on for several months until all that was left were a bunch of Mules and two Bn's of Marines left.
Since an agreement couldn't be reached between the Commanding General and the Commodore in command they decided to decide it with a coin toss. The winner getting first choice.

The coin was tossed the General won....................His choice....The mules.

and the 12th Gen Order is:
Walk my post from flank to flank take no Sh*t from any rank.
I'll begin by saying I have the utmost respect for all branches. they all serve their own roles. I've been bailed out multiple times by every branch except for the cost guard, who are the unseen heroes of the US Armed forces. They may not be puttin Haji in the grave... but they're the ones out there in the storms risking their lives all the time to save stupid such mutual respect cases there is mutual hazing on all sides. the oldest and most classic being Army vs Marines. I am a Proud US Army Soldier myself, so I come to share to you, my favorite joke I tease my Marine buddy all the time with:

The Marines are the mooches of the United States Armed Forces: They Go to Army Schools, They Ride in Navy Equipment, Get their Lunch Money from the Air Force...its that simple...

Now, for all you sensative types, most of you who haven't even been shot at yet, and like to get offended by these things, I will give credit to the Marines, yes they go to Army Schools except for some, their Basic Training and Infantry schools are exceptional, and bad shots in the Marine Corps are better than most good shots in the Army, those guys and place a 556 anywhere they want it to go. and yes, they have a higher PT standard than the Army, something I would change if I wore brass instead of stripes. AND their dress blues are some SHARP looking uniforms! But when It comes right down to it... The Army is the best damned branch out there in my opinion. and the USMC Are still the Mooches of the US Armed forces :P
Gents, I am not an American, but I've met Americans from the various services as a nurse in my hospital. We cater to Marines mainly in Singapore, but we do hadnle cases brought in from Diego Garcia. I have nothing but respect for these guys, whether they are Marines, Army or Navy personnel.

Back in my days as National Serviceman, we made fun about other branches of the armed forces, but no one took it seriously, because when the s*it fits the fan, everyone is counted to ensure safety and security.

Cheers.... and HAppy Holidays!
When I went to the USAF Photography school I learned a lot of the Marine jokes. One of the Marines there told me in Boot Camp he learned how to spell Marine-M O R O N.:wink:

One of my favorite Airborne jokes was the one about the paratrooper who was assigned to guard a hill during combat. The enemy see this hill as some key terrain and they decide to go occupy it, so they send a squad to climb it. The lone survivor from that squad comes running back down the hill reporting the loss of everybody else in the squad, so they send a platoon to take it. The few survivors of the platoon come running back down the hill, and they report to the company commander that the failed to take it because a paratrooper is guarding it, so the company commander takes his whole company up to the top. When he returns to the bottom with the few survivors of his company, he reports to the battalion commander that the intel was bad. There wasn't just one paratrooper up there. There were 2.:rambo:
I am a Soldier, and I have several buddies who are Marines. We give each other hell, but when it comes down to it, we said the same Oath of Enlistment, salute the same flag, and are carried to our graves under the same flag. We all defend America.
MARINE - Mace Above Rabid Idiots, Natural Enforcers
MARINE - Made Active Radicals Incoherent, Neutralize Enemies
MARINE - Mafia Accepted, Rafts Invade, Nagging Eternally
MARINE - Magically Additive Rages, Intoxication Normally Encountered
MARINE - Maintain After Raising, Incredibly Nice Equipment

You never know WHAT you might find in a MARINE, but you can be sure that it is a tough chewing for any enemy...
More acronyms upon request...

Lonnie Courtney Clay
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