Army Structure?


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I already have a link to rank structure but does anyone know of a link to the structure of the actual army.


obviously the smallest unit in the army is a fire-team unit

so what comes after that and what is the largest, is the largest a regiment?
Wich Army?
Here we got:
combat pairs.
halfsquads. (in lack of a better translation)
combatgroups. (may vary in size for task)
How far up the list do you want to go?
Good assessment KJ, but the Canadian Army works a bit differently, and the higher up the chain you get, the more confusing it gets.

But a basic rundown would be something like this:

Fire team (2 soldiers)
Section (8-10 soldiers)
Platoon (3 sections, ~30 soldiers)
Company (3-4 platoons)
Battalion (6 companies)
Regiment (3 Battalions, plus Primary Reserve units)

Past that, it get a bit more confusing. However, this list applies mainly to the Infantry units. Other units such as Artillery, Armoured, Logistics, etc...have their own set up.

Here's a Wikipedia link that might be helpful:

Also, I'm going to move this out of the Basic Training section and into the Military Discussions section.

I hope this helps.
AF good stuff, however I have always been under the impression that that structure you have listed in not universal throughout the Canadian Army. For example, an Infantry Battalion would have more platoons per Company then a Service Battalion. I could be very wrong however, great post none the less.
No worries guys. After 5 years, it's good to know something useful. :p

And Matteo: The numbers I listed are mostly for the Infantry only. As you said, Circus (err...Service) Battalions, etc. have a slightly different set up as far as numbers go. I mentioned that in my last post.
For a little comparison, this is the order in the Finnish army (basic infantry organization):

taistelijapari (combat pair)
partio (half-squad)
ryhmä (squad)
joukkue (platoon)
komppania (company)
pataljoona (battalion)
prikaati (brigade)
armeijakunta (army corps)
operatiivinen sotilaslääni (operational military province)
maavoimien esikunta (army HQ)

There are no divisions in the FDF organization.