Armies that Receives Foreigners


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France - French Foreign Legion
- All Foreigners can enlist, no need for French Citizenship or even French Language. You just show up at the gates and they'll take care of you!

Spain - La Legion
-In the 2000s, after the abandonment of conscription, the Spanish Army again accepted foreigners from select nationalities. Male and female native Spanish speakers, mostly from Central American and South American states, were included. Recruits were required to have a valid Spanish residence permit. Promotion prospects for foreigners were however reported to be limited.

Russia - Russian Legion
-Under a 2010 Defence Ministry plan, foreigners without dual citizenship would able to sign up for five-year contracts and will be eligible for Russian citizenship after serving three years. The change could open the way for CIS citizens to get fast-track Russian citizenship, and counter the effects of Russia’s demographic crisis on its army recruitment.

Israel - Mahal
-overseas Israelis who are younger than 24 (men), 21 (women), 36 (physicians). The programs consist typically of 14.5 months of IDF service (18 months, if IDF-Hebrew study program, or ulpan, is necessary) including extended training for those joining combat units or 1 month of non-combat training. All overseas volunteers serve in regular Israeli military units.

New Zealand - NZDF
-We accept applications from foreign nationals in order to meet personnel resource needs. However, we currently only have vacancies for current or recent ex-serving full time military personnel from the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada or New Zealand.

USA - US Army
- A person must have a Green Card (Residency Card)

UAE (United Arab Emirates)
- The Army consists of Moroccans of almost 20%
A foreign citizen can sign up as a soldier in Denmark. Basically you have to be Danish-speaking and have links to Denmark. Normally only Nordic citizen is admitted. A special rule applies to German citizens who belong to the Danish minority in South Schleswig / Germany. Individuals from Schleswig, Iceland, Faeroe Islands and Greenland are admitted on equal footing with Danish citizens
Was wondering if you have met some Danes?
4 Regiment - is it where you get your basic training?
Indeed it's located in Castelnaudary and it is the Regiment that handles Basic Training and mainly all related Trainings such as (Specialty Training, Cadets Training, New Volunteers Training...)

Yes i did meet dome Danes out there, Pretty tough lads i'd say!