April Fool's Day Hoaxes Anyone??

The ingredients:

1000 or so square feet of landscaping plastic
painter's tape (no need to cause permanent damage)
cover of darkness
Red SUnfire

Apply plastic liberally to Red Sunfire, securing with painter's tape as needed. Complete only under cover of darkness. With time, as many as 10 layers of plastic can be secured over the Sunfire in a minimal amount of time. If the owner has an 8:30 class the next day, even better.

We did this to a friend, adn it worked out pretty well. The weird thing was that about 20 cars drove past as we did it and noone stopped or even really slowed down.
heres mine

i am in the AF dep and i called my recruiter, you see i am very close to shipping out and we have hung out a lot and invested a lot of time into my af future. ie studying etc. well antway i called him and told that i had just been in an accident and am now in thehospital. they are two hours from surgery and i was thinking that might disqualify me from the af.

i almost put him in the hospital!!!
do you think that red food dye trick before your urine test would work with blue? I know the red works..... :shock:
It would work with any color, but I'm still hesitant to try it. I've been thinking about it, I mean its just food dye right. I dunno I don't want to stain my intestine or anything.

I was also thinking about trying it with an Easter egg dye tablet, but I don't think that's a good idea cause it ahs to disolve in your stomach and all the gases can't be good.