Anyone in the mood to get infuriated?

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What the hell are you talking about, Jamoni?
Even if your claims had any ground to stand on, it matters not a dang bit to the subject at hand.
This is such an interesting debate :lol: .

Jamoni the reason all of this is sick and wrong is because these people are using and exaggerating the suffering of the injured children to prove a political point. Yes, tragedies of civilians dying are happening right now, but this is war. Tragedies of soldiers dying are happening right now also. Should the sacrafices of the troops be used to show an anti-war standing? No, so should the suffering of civilians be used? This is war everyone suffers.
So using the dead to further your political agenda is sick and twisted?
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What about the victims of 911 who Bush used to prop up his ailing administration? You'll remember he had a quite low approval rating until then. Did he use THEIR deaths for political purposes?
The difference is you support Bush. That's it. The only difference between his tactics and his opponents tactics is which side of the fence YOU are on.
No. To be honest, I do not agree with that either, just because I support someone does not mean that I support all of their actions. But thank you for telling me how I think all the same, hopefully you'll be there on election day in case I forget who I was going to vote for. :lol:
I think that we stop this one right now, before it turns real nasty...
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