Anyone here that takes/interested in martial arts?

I just started Karate
I have been there for 3 sessions so far, I have one tommorow and I can't wait

How long does it take to learn the first couple of "routines"
Our dojo we do lucky me!! So far I have used the numbchucks(I would have numb fingers if I had used something besides foam) and the bowstaff
What type of karate are you taking? Yeah, it's good starting out with padded nunchaku (notice spelling :) ). I used to take Hung Gar Kung fu, the only weapons I'm familiar with are the steel whip and broad sword. Now I take Brazilian Ju-Jutsu (I can never spell that one right :? ), Mauy Thai, and Judo. So I would just call it MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Anyway, good luck with your training Migidarra :)

EDIT: Silly me, I see you had a Question. How long does it take to learn your first "routines"? It all depends on you, your sensei, and the amount you train. So I would suggest you go at least 3 times a week and practice everyday at home. Do you have some type of apparatus to work on? (punching bag, Wavemaster etc) I hope that helped. If it didn't let me know.
um international?

I don't really know
I new i didn't spell it right, i just couldn't recall as to how to spell it. I knew it didn't have an "S" at the end but I just couldn't remember....bleh stupid asian words(asians are cool1!!1!!)

Ill call up my Shihan(sp?)
Me and his son are best friends hehe
Oh, well there are several different types of karate. Ask your Sensei. He should know.

For some reason people call them nunchucks, there actually called nunchaku in Japan. (dont worry I used to do the same thing lol :lol: )
I haven't met the Sensai, only the Shihan. The Sensai beat the crap out of Shihan Fredrick's i heard. Big A(Shihan's son) is 340lbs and a 2nd degree blackbelt...the Sensai had him on the ground before Big A even realized it....or so I heard.
btw the Sensai is 65 years old and Big A is 17

I stopped calling them nunchucks when I was 12 and got into asian stuff...I just started calling them nnunchucku
Wow, thats gotta suck for your sensei. Oh well, a student eventually becomes better then their sensei. Even though my instructor kills me everytime I am forced to work with him :( . Like this one time I wanted to see how long I could be in a rear naked choke before passing out. about 6 seconds and I was out. I woke up about 5 seconds later all dizzy and shiat. :lol:
Man when u set ur mind to it u really go all out dont cha future? I would never have said anything if you were gonna go this pissed off on me...
This has nothing to do about that. I just want to talk about Martial Arts. Do you see me attacking Migidarra? Nope. I could, but I'm not. :roll:
Oh....I don't have the education in the martial arts to say which one is better. I prefer drunken boxing since it is unorthodox and is hard to defend against....IMHO...but Karate is fine by me
Well what I take is probably my most favorite style. But i would say the most appealing to the eye is Tae Kwon Doe or Southern Shoalin :)
I don't care for pretty, I care for effectiveness......performance over prettyiness..or somesuch. Thats why I like drunken boxing, because everyone is used to being completely balanced and this style of fighting fights the opponents natural reactions. you see someone falling you expect them to get back up not kick you and punch you and stuff while they are falling and whatever...sorry Brain started hurting a few minutes ago. its all of this intelligence and no where to put it...