Any WWII people out there?

I am assembling a British impression , I will either join the local Oxford & Bucks or start my own unit(SAS probably). I used to reenact SS of the 12.SS Hitlerjugend of the CHG.

well i'm a huge wwii entusiest? i don't have the funds to WWII re-enact.
ANd the group that is here 1st Canadian Parachute Bttln A coy i think doesn't do much. And i don't have the first clue of how to get the gear in the first place. So ill just keep collecting dragon figures WWII and reading books lol and of course playing games i cant stop criticizing.

but this thread is interesting to me none the less
:lol: I know ..... re-enacting isn't a cheap hobby , especially if you do it right(original equipment and clothing when possible). The re-enactments are all over the country , but the better battles are held up north , and I live in TX now.....take heart friend , where there is a will , there is a way.

I posted a few sights of re-enactment groups and WW2 scenarios in another post on this thread . If you truly have the bug , contact a group....most will have loaner gear , and will help you acquire your own by directing you to the better 'kit' vendors.
Yes it is expensive.. but if you approach a group as a newbie, you'd be surprised how helpful they are. Most of the leaders have extra shirts and supplies that they collect for their people (who can't afford or can't find items).

Most will find a way to get you in some sort of uniform and have lots of tips how to substitute modern clothes/equipment for vintage. Don't give up until you try!
As far as collecting WW2 field gear , there is still stuff out there for British reenactors. You just need to know where to look. To a neophyte it can be quite a daunting task to begin. My suggestion(just wish I could practice what I preach) would be to budget a certain $ amount on a monthly basis for such a foray.

People give me a lot of things. This guy who owns a reproduction store GAVE me shoes, a hat, and a metal insignia. People are so nice! They will probably give you things too!
SLR owner,

Would you say that German equiptment is much more expensive then US equipment? The reason I ask is because I actually have a chance to join a local 101st outfit right now (Id have to wait two years for the German unit) and was wondering what would be the better deal. Im a very cheap individual :D [/i]
Guyontheright ,

Without question , Wehrmacht or SS kit is MUCH rarer and more expensive to purchase or find. I had a collection of SS books(some titled as apologys) and field gear and such that I recently liquidated(had it since 97) , and I doubled my money in most of the items...I am speaking of original kit and not repro is pretty consistent , but still holds true the German stuff is Waaaay more expensive than the Allied stuff. I would have done GI , but there are too many 300 lb'ers out there doing GI , and I am in tip-top shape and wish to keep up the rep my former SS unit(12.SS of the CHG) drilled into me.....I am going Brit(oxford and bucks here inTX)....their authenticity seems abit higher. :lol: 101st guys are notorious for not taking hits :lol: :lol:
LiLmissflamethrower ,

Please don't take this the wrong way , but you are certainly a rarity ....a gal with a pretty face being interested in WW2 and re-enacting....It is certainly a rarity in these parts. If I owned a repro kit store ,I would give you kit too , on the condition that you model it for my catalogue. I hope I haven't given offense , for that was certainly not the intent.....It is nice to see a pretty gal with a respect for military history , and something other than getting their nails done these days. Re-enacting is alot of fun and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Not many , or at least there weren't but one or 2 five years ago worldwide. I guess they would have to e good at switching sides :lol:
JHR. No offense taken! One of the units I am in was talking about what they would have me do, as it is 99% male reenacting. They said they were going to make me into a French resistance girl in the village. They also said I would have to wear a French maids outfit! :]

NOT! I love military history and drive my friend's crazy discussing it all the time.

I am usually wearing a WAC uniform but I do wish I had more opportunity like the guys.
:lol:(at the maid kit) LilMiss ,

French resistance is a great idea! There was a young lady named Page who did French resistance here in TX , and she was damn good too(not ashamed to admit she nailed me a few times)!! It is so nice to see others take an interest in this hobby. I laud you for discovering this hobby and though one can never 'know it all' , it sure is fun to try!

;) JHR
Ambrose has written numerous good books on WW2 , and IMO he has been very fair in his analysis. Does he go into any detail about Audie Murphy??? Now there was a true American hero!!! Our former senator Bob Dole is also one. I am into a book I just received from the UK ' A History of the SAS regiment '.

Regards ,

Yes I know he is well known. This book starts with the Civil War and talks about the Battle of Vicksburg and how decisive a battle it was. He talks about the true strengths and weaknesses of General Grant, Sherman and McClernand.

Then he talks about General Custer during the civil war which I found extraordinarily fascinating. Apparently he was a boy wonder and the same successful tactics he used during the civil war tanked when he used them on the Indians. If he had died during the civil war he would have been famous as a successful leader.

He then goes into WWII, the Atomic Bomb - good decision or bad (good) and now I am at General MacArthur. I can't wait to read his other books.

Re: the book you are reading - what is it about?
The SAS(Special Air Service) was a Para-commando regiment formed in Sept. of 1941 by a chap named David Stirling. They are kind of similar to our US Army ranger unit Stirling conceived the need for a unit that could be dropped by parachute behind the German/Italian lines so that they could create havoc. The book details their WW2 exploits. I collect modern SAS stuff too...I have a parka with SAS major epaulets used in the Faulklands war , and well my SLR was the standard issue British rifle. Wow , the Ambrose book is into much more than WW2 I guess then huh? I am not familiar with that title , but he has written many good ones....Lilmiss , have you ever been to any museums like the Patton museum , or the Aberdeen in DC??
In Febuary, a friend treated me to a WWII tour in England. We went to the Imperial War Museum, Bletchley Park, Winston Churchill's secret war room cabinent, etc. Incredible.

I would love to go to the places you mentioned. I work on the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier in Alameda, CA.