Any JROTC or ROTC cadets in here?


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Any JROTC or ROTC cadets in here, I feel kinda out of place with all you guys and girls talking about the service. I dont want to really add my opinion causwe I'm not in. But my dad is. I'm a military brat. So I understand most of the thigns every ones talking about. But I want to talk to some people on the same level..... if thats ok
I am an ROTC Cadidiot at the University of California Santa Barbara. There are a dozen or so members who are in JROTC, and at least one other ROTC Cadet, and one Westpoint Cadet. And don't be afraid to speak your mind (just avoid putting out any misinformation or RnderSafe will jump you :lol: . Just kidding.).
I'm from Cali. right now I'm stationed at MaCdill A.F.B. Fl. its hot as any thing down here right now. I miss cali. What other military back ground do you have besides ROTC. any family, friends? just wonderin. :)
The JROTC Program I'm in roght now fits me perfectly. I've been military all my life. I love the military life and now I can have a peice of it for my self. I'm thinking of joining. Can't seem to make up my mind. Thinking either Air Force for the good life aspect, or the Marines for the hard ass inside me! lol
You branched yet?

III/IV here (joined late because of a promise to my father to wait :lol: ), just wondering if you're good to go yet or in a similar situation.
ok you guys cant keep using those words cause I got no idea about those ones. lol I think branched means signed for a service. But I dont know what INF is..... lol :lol:
Branched means that you've been told which branch of your service (in our case, Army) you are going to be in, INF being one of them (INF/IN=Infantry, AR=Armor, FA=Field Artillery, etc.). Your rank on the OML (Order of Merit List) determines your priority for getting the branch you request (ROTC contracts say "for the good of the service" and the DoD can send you anywhere they feel is best for them, not you).

And I say ARRRR! because I put the ARRR in Army. Just kidding. :lol:
I want to go USNA to become a Marine officer and get a high-end education...only 16% are commisioned to marines though and I don't want to be a sailor, just not for me :?
Im in the NJROTC program at my high school. I just got selected to fill the Company Commander billet, and would love any advice for the upcoming year. Alas, I too am stuck with a JROTC that has a different service than I'm really interested in (Airborne all the way!), but I love the program.