Any body has a clue?

The Boer War and that Anglo-Zulu war, Mark Conley mentioned it awhile ago, so you might want to ask him about it.
other than the skirmishers on or nearby kenyan border .. i havent heard anything as of recent.. last time i was there was in 2001 and all we were expecting is minor terrorist activity. No wars there as far as i know.
south african wars

Hey there sherman:

anything with more recent effect on south africa as a war or conflict would have to be the internal rebel struggles of the different political groups. These were often fought with mercenary groups, often merc against merc, so the line is really very fuzzy..especially 1960-1989. its all some form of small group conflicts.

hope this helps.
Although it's not what you want, you should try reading "The Washing of the Spears". It's a complete history of the Zulu empire. Apparently Shaka Zulu was the original D.I. Took a bunch of laid back goatherders and turned em into a lean mean killing machine.