anti military in school

soldierzhonor said:
It'd burn my arse to see something like that happen. But still, restraint is the better man....yet revenge is bitter sweet. Oops, I say that outloud? lol Knowing me, I'd walk up and render the salute along side the man in a show of support. Spitting on me though, they'd be a whole new ball of wax, someone would have an extra joint in their body or maybe just a new open sore.

you do NOT do that in uniform. Even though you are in the right, and he was wrong, it still puts a bad light on the Army.
Darkmb101 said:
Or you can try the Mr. Cool approach. Walk up to them; stare the leader in the eye; say something along the lines of "We keep u safe at night"; and then walk away and dont look back.
All they'll do is laugh at you. I think it's best to ignore them. (Not that that's easy, but it's the best way)
True, but what about everyone else? Tell me in the eyes of the rest of the student body, who looks like the idiot? The one walking away or the ones laughing? ;)
RE: Anti-Military in Schools

It breaks my heart. I see it on an everyday basis. I am a recruiter and go into my schools everyday. Not all of them are the same. Some are great, some just stink. It grates on my nerves so bad when that happens. There isn't a lot that you can do without causing more trouble than it is worth. Just know that as members of the Military, we are professionals and that we act as such. When you can do that in the faces of the people that treat you bad, it just pisses them off even more. Just smile and say to them"Thank you." When they get all huffy and ask why you said that, just reply again"Thank you, thank you for reminding me that what I choose to to do, which is to defend you and your silly opinions is important. Thank you for reminding me that Americans can lie down and sleep peacefully in their beds at night because of what I do, and then tell them thank you for being a great American."

A lot of times our job is thankless, but when that first young lady or man or old person comes up and hugs your neck and says "thank you." suddenly, everything is worth it.

Sorry that was so long.
Thank you for what you do.

You shouldn't be affected if you know you are not guilty of such things they say. I heard some comments before on sending my son to a military school for boys as though it might be too hard for him but all I can say is that the training is perfect for my son. Physical fitness, leadership, brotherhood, etc... When you know you conscience is clear, don't mind what other people say....
May I say something from a civilian point of view. Those of us who do appreciate everyday what you men and women do for us. We look at these people who commit these uncivil and dishonorable acts toward you, we are truly ashamed of them. You who gave them the right to do it shouldn't be the ones who receive this unacceptable behavior. They need to focus it on the wolves out there who are trying to hurt America not the ones who are bleeding very day to keep it safe. It is truly a crime for them to act any way but grateful to all of you.
Thank you for everything you do for us.
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