Another question/comment about saluting


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This past Memorial Day was a bit uncomfortable for me, as it was the first one in my adult life where I was a newly-minted civilian and so not in uniform during the local Memorial Day Parade. I felt awkward because for more than two decades I have been taught that civilians do not salute...and yet every time the Colors passed by my body would reflexively begin to snap a salute.

Any ideas as to how I can resolve this dilemma before the Independance Day parade in a month?
If you've worn the uniform, you've a right do make any motion you please when the Colours pass by, IMO. I see nothing wrong with saluting, civilian or not.

You have a PM, btw.
I have the same 'problem'. Every time a flag is raised, national anthem is played, or a commissioned officer walks by, my natural tendancy is to salute. It doesn't matter if I'm in uniform or in a T-shirt and jeans, I end up saluting.
Same here, even though I was only in for a year or so.

But I can't help but snap to attention when I see the flag.

And another thing... When I see all these liberals not putting there hand over there heart or not respecting the flag. It makes me wanna break ther neck or something..

I mean how rude is that.!!

Oh well, just a Marines view