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I was wondering, being a guy were 95% of my friends are girls i was wondering. What is the sweetest thing a guys has done for yopu?? I am always looking for a way to get this girl to like me more then a good friend!! Yes Gunner its the same girl, i know that i should be happy and i am but it doesnt mean that i cant try right??
WHY does everyone have to tell me that. I know but i dont want that to happen. Nothing is impossible. I need to figure out a way!!!
I say again, all that's going to happen is that you're going to lose a friend. Its not giving up, its being smart to not try anything. Just forget about it and don't spend all your time worrying about it.
RnderSafe said:
Should we start a Dear Abby forum?

Dear RnderSafe and Redneck... :lol:

Hm, getting a bit :eek:fftopic: now...

Now give the guy an answer girls! :D
Oh goaliedude, i have to agree with the other boys on this one, your going to lose her as a friend if you go to far, it's nice you want to do sweet things for her and you can, but don't expect to be able to buy her, it won't work.

Fine and Mr. Redneck, this is the same girl so i only have problems with this girl thank you very much, the other 45 or so girls im friends with are, great!!!! Well can i do it with out her knowing??? That way it doesnt look like i want anything more???
hey Goliedude, its okay just to have a girl as a friend, and besides alot of us cant even get girls, hey im content and just about every guy my age that i know have a girl, so i guess that you shouldnt get overly hiped, besides, you gotta wait for the girl to take the next move, if she wants to make it she will, otherwise, your on thin ice
besides man, your sixteen, you got your whole life ahead of you, things are only beginning, so dont push it :)
Also watch out for them high school girls, they'll take you for a ride. You are 99% unsure of what you really want in a girl right now (whatever you may think otherwise, trust me, you're wrong), and the females are in the same boat, so like I've said before, don't take things to seriously, and if it doesn't work out, F.I.D.O.