Americas Army Game

The thing that is cool is you have to go through training to actually play online. Like if a person hasnt done the Sharp Shooting school then they can't get the sniper gun. If they havent gone to med school then they cant be a medic. The thing i dont like about SF is the last test. I got about half way and got spotted. I tried it like 10 times. Finally gave up on the game and uninstalled it a bit ago. I used to go on my old clans sever wich was Bridge sniper only....
The rifle range really is annoying sometimes on that game. Maybe it's just my computer, but it doesn't want to hit the targets sometimes. The sights will be perfect, breathing will stop, and..... I miss. I don't get it.

I've gotten in the 30's a bunch of times, but i want to be better than just 36.
Yea that happened to me when I first started playing :? You have to find a rhythm, and then it works. Once I got in the groove I shot Expert. Its hard to explain how, you just have to keep experimenting and find something that works.

Even harder (more frustrating) than the rifle range is the advanced marksmanship. I think you have to calculate for bullet drop and everything.