Americans hate sex!

Whats this thing called sex?????:-?

I dunno, I'm married! :(

Poor your wives some Beatles love songs and it may help.
Does she hate Etta James too? "At Last"1961, Percy Sledge..
"When A Man Loves A Woman"1966,....The Righteous Brothers ..."Unchained Melody" 1965

A link to some of the greatest love songs of the 60s..

Maybe she needs to know that you appreciate her, Brit. Turn on the music and turn down the lights...pour her a glass of her favorite ...

She'd have me committed, she knows I am as romantic as a brick.:mrgreen:
Don't you swear at me!!!! I didn't get this temple of a body doing PT! My body is an amusement park where bacon butties come to play. ;)