All women interested in military life, post here.

My dad was military too, we moved around a lot, it really sucked always having to make new friends, and be sure your wife/husband is willing to stick with you through all this because the miliatry can move you very far from home which means your wife/husband would have to leave their home town, it's very hard on the spouses if they are civilians.

Thats very true. I love talking to women there so much easier to talk to and some much nicer too. I really havent giveing alot of to the moving around alot. You girls think of everything!!! Gunner were you ever made at your parents for making you movie so much or did you understand?? If you were made did you stay made for very long or was it just a short time?
I absolutly hated the military when i was a kid (go figure i grew up and joined myself) i never understood and didn't want to, it was hard, my dad retired when i was about 14.

My dad is still active and leaves for south korea for a year long tour without us in Sep. My senior year. But I understand. I was never mad at my parents for making us move. I always looked at it as another adventure. Sure I got sad and was really depressed after this last move. But I love new places. I'm getting itchy feet already and we've been hrere for only 2 years. Plus I like trying to get as much out of every thing as I can. Sounds weird comeng from a 17 year old, eh?
I just found this topic and being a female I feel that it is my obligation to say hi!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in the Air Force....Been in for 2 1/2 years and I've got 1 1/2 left...
I'm looking into joining the Marines as soon as this enlistment is up. The AF was just too easy...Not enough challenges for me.

Anyways...enough about about you guys???
hey everyone i just wanted to say hey as well. im new to this website and this is one of the few ive found that females seem to be into posting and have stuff to say. as for me im not in the military yet, but hopefully soon. it seems that unlike some ive always wanted to be in the navy as a judge advocate my entire life, much to the annoyance of most people i know. so now im finally taking the steps to realizing this goal and starting law school in the fall. i found a program where i can get a joint degree; one in maritime law and then a masters of maritime affairs. if the navy doesnt like that then i dunno what im gonna do ;) anyway, if anyone has some tips or hints or anything they can give me it would be great. right now im just working a lot on getting in shape, ive lost about 50 lbs, and with just a few more to go any extra motivation would be good. so i dont want to write a novella here, thanks for reading.
Well losing 50 lbs is a helluva good start, congrats! and just follow your dreams and push towards your goals, keep up the positive attitude :) and good luck :) welcome by the way.

goaliedude66630 said:
HI im not a girl ethier but i was just wondering, i wwas having a converation with a guy who wants to be in the military and just like i do and we got talking about getting married, and i was wondering how you women feel about have a husband in the military. Gunner i have already meet from another post so im interest in what you have to say

Seriously, I would be scared shitless in that situation of having a husband in the military. Though I would NEVER ask him to resign, because that's far from love in my eyes. I would let him do whatever he wants more or less. He should go for the things he believes in. No need to keep him at home and having him go grumpy on me. Though I would be so afraid if he would be sent to Iraq or some others place like that. Because I don't want to loose him at all. But then again I would be damn proud of having hmi defending and serving his country. and I wuold problaby love him even more for doing so! :D

Thats interesting i hadn't even thought about haveing a kid while in the military and also a wife in my case. That kids has interesting parents.

Your kid: Hey what do your parents do for a living.
THe other kid: o my dads a Dr. and my mom doesnt work, what about ours?
Your kid: Both My parents are in the military.

Or if your kid is a girl
Hi dad this is Phil my boyfriend, Phil this is my Dad Lt.......
Then phil gets really scaried and run away. Dad you scaried another one away, i though we agreed that you wouldn't clean your M16 when my boyfriend is coming over

just some thoughts thanks for the input

And damn straight, The girl should date guys who are suitable for her. And in my eyes the father is the best one to see who is. If the b/f runs away, well, why not chase him with the M16? :lol:

A good guy wouldn't run away.

and if it were a son, damn. The kid should be proud to have two of his parents serving the country.

That's my input on those two.