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Hey I love to airsoft...I like it better than paintballing cause its relativly cheaper..I love it for the fact of the realism. Im in an airsoft team and were starting to grow. I was wondering does anyone else here airsoft?? here are my guns:

These are replica firearms that shoot 6mm bb's
and YES, THey hurt
Nice Replicas... :D
I haven't tried the BB version, but the real versions are great..
What do you have to pay for Airsoft guns like that?

I haven't tried Airsoft, but I have tried Paintball several times.
Great!! :D

Is there any paint in the Airsoft ammo, or are they just plastic bullets??
Hey, I've got a question for you strony, say someone took a 12 gauge with a quarter charge of powder and a dove and quail load, could they play with you all? :lol:
But seriously, how much do those replica thangs cost? And I've heard that if you just man up, you can get shot a hundred times and still be killing other people because there is no way to prove that your butt ever got nailed. Are there any TACs or referees or anything?
I've never tried Airsoft, but I play paintball whenever I can.

I also try to keep it as real as I possibly can also. The next kit I buy for my Tippmann will be the Armison (I think that's it) kit that makes it look like either an M4 or M16. Then the Response trigger, full auto fire, satelite cord and N20...MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
You basically shoot little yellow plastic 6mm BB's at each other. Pretty much the same as paintball, but more realistic.

Plus, you just have to wear goggles and not those bulky full face masks.

illigal in israel....bummer,as a compensation we get to play cowboys and indians with a bunch of angry
The Mp5a5 there costed around $300 or so shipped.
THe berreta on the bottom costed $120 or so. The berreta is a Gas Blow back meaning it uses gas as propellant and the slide actually slides back here is a animation :)

On knowing when your hit:
Basically this is a honor sport. Yes you can be a butt head
and not call yourself out. But wen you shoot a guy with a 400 fps
airsoft gun and he gets hit and screams and doesnt call himself out,
you know hes cheating.BUT TRUST ME! YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR HIT...unless thers sometimes were you get hit and you dont know it.
Well when you think about it:
GOOD high end paintball guns cost about $1,000
a good reasonable gun in airsoft is like $400-$500

Paint ball its like $40 or more for a box of like 2000 balls
in airsoft for about $10 or so you can get like 2500 bb's

But then you can get higher prices when you start getting accesories for your guns and upgrading them n all

right now im in a airsoft team :
Funny, once while playing my G/F in the urban field around here, she was on a 2nd story window and I decide to make a break for the next building. (I have a Tippmann with a Teardrop barrel, she has a Pirannah. Needless to say, I have the better marker)

I ended up getting hit in the head, 3 times in the arm, once in the left torso and once on my left leg....all within 3 seconds. I had to lay down on the ground for 10 minutes because I was in so much pain. She ran over there to make sure I was ok and apologized 500 times. Good times lemmie tell you.

But get me out in the woods where I do my sniper thing....MUAHAHAHA! :twisted:
I just got back from a massive airsoft party. I even have the scars to prove it :m16:

Airsoft guns range in price, anywhere from 15$ to 500$. You can get a good one for anywhere from 100-300 bucks. Ammo is reuseable.

Pretty much you have to be honest, because there is no real way to tell (unless of course you have a massive welt on your forehead). Usually there are refs or judges. Its easier to just go outside and play than paintball cause you do'nt have to suit up (just goggles) and don't have to clean up paint afterwards. I love it.
My buddies and I used to do something kind of like that with our pellet guns when we were about 14 or so. One of the guys I knew got popped in the mouth, right between his eye teeth, broke both of them out.
Still though what is there range and accuracy in comparison to paintball? My only beef with paintball is the wind catches the balls to easy and the only way for realism to occur is to spend tons of money on the high quality guns.
Airsoft is a lot safer than pellet guns, they won't break the skins or knock out your teeth.

Accuracy is a bummer though. Cheaper guns fire slow enough you can almost dodge the bbs. The wind will catch them. However, guns with 'topspin' are much better. Thats when theres a spin on the bb so it isn't affected as much.
FutureRANGER said:
Ammo is reuseable.

Well ranger, you shuoldnt reuse ammo in AEG's cause it messes them up, same with GBB, but springers are fine enough
FutureRANGER said:
Accuracy is a bummer though. Cheaper guns fire slow enough you can almost dodge the bbs. The wind will catch them. However, guns with 'topspin' are much better. Thats when theres a spin on the bb so it isn't affected as much.

Ranger thats called HOP UP. Hop up adds a spin to the ball just like he says and it gives more acuracy to the bb. Most AEG guns have that and some GBB do.... But ya with the bbs at like 150 feet you can see them coming and have enough time to dodge them. Sometimes wen you see an enemy like 150 feet you dont really have to hide from them...its kinda a contest to see who can aim there guns high enough to reach the other lol