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Maybe I've been out of the loop, but since when did the German AF get Mig 29's? Are they left over from the Cold war on a lease or something from the Russians?

Also, anyone know why the Comanche program wass cancelled? I thought it was doing very well.
when did the German AF get Mig 29's

Since around '93 -'94, IIRC, until 1990, they belonged to East Germany. As far as I know, there is only one squadron in their AF with the MiGs.

why the Comanche program wass cancelled?

Money .. we need it to send over to the AF for their blue tiger striped BDUs.
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I think the Commanche was cancelled because it was too expensive for a piece of equipment that was designed to fight in a Cold War scenario. The DoD (thankfully) realized that they didn't need a brand new, horrendously expensive piece of equipment when we already have weapons systems in place that can already effectively complete the missions the Commanche was designed for.

Basically, they wanted to put less money in brand new weapns systems, and more money into personal gear for soldiers.

Actually with the cancellation of the Comanche program, the Army will be purchasing the Italian made C-27J fixed wing aircraft for OSA missions. They are smaller than a C-130 but can carry about the same weight. And it's definitely prettier than a C-23 Flying Box...........