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Whats the most likely excuse you would use to ditch some one?

  • You tell them your bored of this relationship

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  • the bedroom antics are not what you had at the begining

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  • your partners mate is better looking than her/him

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  • fancy spreading the seed before you plant your routes

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Ok like every women in this world...............I try to figure out a mans mind, you know get him at his game and what ever..............

If guys have any decent explanations into why they do certain things in relationships and whats their worst excuse they ever come out with to ditch a bird or stand her up...................

Come on I know your all out there................. :horsie:
Personally (as a guy) I'd like to settle down with one woman and just live out my life that way than go around all crazy and stuff.
If you've said as many good byes as I have, you'd understand. I've never lived at one address for more than 2 years in a row. Only once in a country for more than 5 years in a row and never since or before.
I'm not dumping anyone.
dougal wrote:
Your missing out. Its special an STD is a gift of honor? Keeping riding cowboy.

I meant your missing out on the joys of a relation ship. Not riding. Sorry to brust your bubble
One of the biggest problems with relationships I've had is that most girls are so over-possesive. I couldn't even get off the phone without her getting mad a me for leaving.

I always used to go for the kinda guy with the "bad boy" eliment. Yeah like that worked out all 12 times for me lol!!!

But I think women have a tendency to settle down quicker?

Maybe is a nesting know women are here to bare children and all that. Maturnal is what I meant! Its like a craving, seriously guys................I had to ditch the last guy I was with recently cus I knew he never wanted anything serious, which in all fairness was the plan but after 4months I knew I wanted more out of a reltaionship and he wasn't gonna do................

I think women are a time bomb waiting to go off and men know it lol
honesty at all times. i expect the same in return. sure the truth may hurt, but i would (and do) prefer that to being lied to

yeah girls tend to try to organise too much. they need to just learn to relax and enjoy life and not stress too much if things dont go exactly according to plan

or at least that holds true for most of the ones i know
yep yep

I ain't no bunny boiler lol

Just to get things straight lol

I mean I had a serious relationship and the guy shat on me from a great hieght but not realising the come backs of a broken nose.................I was not held responsible for my actions!!!

But I have done the flings the fast life etc I want more but i suppose if your not looking it turns up.

I ain't gonna jump the gun with the next bloke, i see it as i look further than just a few weeks, but obv. not letting the guy know about it lol
How about not saying as much and show your feelings (intent) with actions. I'm not talking about bedroom gymnastics however that should be a part of the relationship. I'm not sure if anyone will ever come up with an equation to show how everything has to come together to produce an answer to the successful marriage problem. My wife and I just passed 42 years and we still have to work out problems here and there. If the person is worth the effort, you will just naturally try harder and do things for him/her that you would not consider for a casual relationship. :D
yep yep

Yeah I hear ya................nothing is easy other wise there would never be so much trouble with the world...............but if you find that person you know you can spend a long time with then its worth taking the gamble and working hard for end of day it pays off with happiness
I don't know about you guys, but I think that that whole "ticking bomb" thing is just a huge fallacy. Maternal instinct? Sure, everyone gets it from time to time, you rationalize it and it goes away. It happens for guys too from time to time and you rationalize it and goes away for a while as well. That is what is so great about being humans, we can rationalize away our animal instincts and act in a civilized way.

The thing is women are socialized as little girls to want relationships and children and what not. Dolls, Kitchen sets, princess outfits, and easy bake ovens. What a joke! I for one wasn't brought up that way. I was brought up playing outside and being one of the guys, me and my brothers had GI Joe's collections and the Star Wars castle. The only dolls I owned I "operated" on them and for a long time I wanted to be a doctor because of that. And I wasn't forced to do anything, I was always given options and chose, and I was always told I could say anything, be anyone, and do anything I wanted. I think that is why I am who I am now and have achieved what I have up to now, and have a great boyfriend that loves me and has stuck and supports my goals and objectives even when that means I have to go away for a long time. He's always there when I return, and I likewise would never stop him from doing what he wanted, and always know he'll be there but if one day he's not, so what? There are plenty of fish out in the sea, you know what I mean?

I think a change in belief structure and way of socialization for young girls is in order if we are ever to grow as women, think independently and be leaders, but let's face it, we are light years away from that happening, so for now, I guess we have to continue to live with the stereotypes and lack of equity in treatment, psychologically speaking, of men and women.
yeah right

No offense but really thats not true...........start burning the bra's now shall we..................

just becuase one girl was brought up with dollies and the other out playing with the boys doesn't set in stone to how they will become as a woman!! Seriously..........................

I grow up playing with 10 lads from down my street, yet i feel i want to settle down in a way.......................yet i done the ladish thing..............grew up playing am i supposed to be all manly more than a woman?

My friend is gay so does that mean his mother pampered him to much? gave him barbies instead of G.I. Joe?

Its to do with the person its self, their hormones the maturity? or some times lack of. Just because society says one thing doesn't mean you have to follow like a sheep.